Skins and skinning: 3 ways LMS configuration will enhance your learning success

Skins are a great way to optimize the look of your learning and increase engagement. This NetDimensions blog explores this LMS configuration feature.

The ability to change and enhance the appearance of your learning is a major advantage for your L&D team. Yet some systems still make it difficult to achieve a level of LMS configuration that makes your interface and courses truly look and feel like yours.

Fortunately, leading LMSes allow you to design interfaces that motivate learners to repeatedly revisit and explore your learning programs. One of the best ways to ensure your learning provides attractive, intuitive layouts that guide great learning experiences is through skins.

A picture of LMS configuration on a learner portal screen created by NetDimensions

Meet the Team: Nancy Dietz, MA.Ed.

Armed with a Masters in Education, 12 years of NetDimensions Talent Suite experience, a passion for helping clients, and her morning cup of coffee (albeit decaf!), Nancy Dietz is NetDimension’s go-to training expert.

When she’s not running the NetDimensions Academy, you might find Nancy spending time with family – ideally far away from the alligator right outside her house!

Let’s get to know Nancy better.

NetDimensions' Head Of Training, Nancy Dietz, in her home office

Improving lives: how Humentum uses NetDimensions to provide learning for social change

NetDimensions recently had the honor of being awarded Partner of the Year for our work with Humentum, a not-for-profit humanitarian organization striving for social change around the world. Ross Coxon, Humentum’s Director of Learning Collaborative, spoke to us about their pioneering work in providing learning for social change.

A photo of Ross Coxon, of Humentum, standing at a podium on a stage speaking about learning for social change

Building an LMS implementation project plan: 5 things you need to know

No matter how much technical ingenuity powers a new system, a new LMS can only be as good as the LMS implementation project plan behind it.

Sensible steps such as taking a methodical approach, setting a viable timeline and asking the right people to try out a new LMS all help make an implementation more likely to go smoothly.

Here are five essential points to consider to help you lay the foundations for an LMS that is measurably transformative for your learners and the organization as a whole.A photo of an ms implementation project plan taking shape in an office