NetDimensions Talent Slate

NetDimensions Talent Slate is a native mobile learning application for iPad and Android tablets that enables organizations to make full use of their mobile device investments by distributing and tracking relevant learning content, news, and reference materials directly at the point of need. NetDimensions Talent Slate is designed specifically for tablets to enable mobile learning and on-the-job performance support based on NetDimensions Talent Suite.

NetDimensions Talent Slate is also available on iPhones and Android smartphones as a powerful performance support tool.

Search-based Navigation

NetDimensions Talent Slate is a mobile learning app that allows users to navigate all the mLearning content and information stored in the NetDimensions Talent Suite via an intuitive search-based interface that accesses news, courses, reference materials, competencies, training records, and other learning or talent-related information and knowledge assets.

Online & Offline Use

Search results from the NetDimensions Talent Suite are always available online and can also be tagged for offline use. This means that reference materials can be downloaded directly onto the tablet for use at the point of need, and that courses can be downloaded and then run on the tablet even when connectivity might not be readily available. Smart synchronization enables SCORM results to be synchronized with the NetDimensions Talent Suite when internet connectivity becomes available.

Branding & Customizations

NetDimensions Talent Slate can be personalized to the specific branding requirements and languages of your organization.

Contact the NetDimensions Interactive team for more information on additional customization options.

Download NetDimensions Talent Slate

NetDimensions Talent Slate on iPads is available for download from the AppStore here (NetDimensions Talent Slate can also be made available for in-house corporate distribution via the iOS Enterprise Program).

NetDimensions Talent Slate on Android tablets is available for download from Google Play here.

NOTE: NetDimensions Talent Slate requires a connection to an active instance of NetDimensions Talent Suite version 8.3 or above.

NetDimensions Talent Slate Support

Please visit the NetDimensions Support Center or contact NetDimensions Support if you have any questions or support issues.