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Mobile learning goes beyond the delivery of eLearning via a smartphone or tablet. The best mobile learning strategies are those that allow learners to complete assignments and assessments on the go then collaborate via social learning to drive knowledge retention.

35% of global workforce is on mobile learning, mobile LMS, mobile learning system, Mobile Learning
35% Number of the world's workforce (about 1.2 billion workers) that is estimated to be mobile.

Source: International Data Corporation (IDC)

Importance of Mobile learning features in LMS, mobile LMS, mobile learning system, Mobile Learning
15% Survey respondents who indicated that a lack of mobile features was 1 of the top 3 reasons they were looking for a new provider.

Source: 2014 Brandon Hall Group LMS Trends Survey

A Mobile Learning App Reimagined

NetDimensions Talent Slate is a native mobile learning application for iPad and Android tablets that enables organizations to make full use of their mobile device investments by distributing and tracking learning content, news, and reference materials anytime, anywhere. It is also available on iPhones and Android smartphones as a powerful performance support tool.

Why NetDimensions Talent Slate

NetDimensions Talent Slate enables mobile learning and on-the-job performance support based on NetDimensions Talent Suite.

Download NetDimensions Mobile Learning Application

NetDimensions Talent Slate is available for download on both App Store and Google Play. NetDimensions Talent Slate can also be made available for in-house corporate distribution via the iOS Enterprise Program.

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NOTE: NetDimensions Talent Slate requires a connection to an active instance of
NetDimensions Talent Suite version 8.3 or above.

Go Mobile with Ease

NetDimensions Talent Suite includes out-of-the-box device-aware browser access to NetDimensions Learning from any mobile device or operating system at no additional cost.

Connected learners gain mobile access to a comprehensive, proven environment for learning administration, documentation, delivery, reporting, and collaboration.


NetDimensions offers consulting and development services to help you with:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Mobile content authoring & legacy course conversion
  • Mobile & video-based courseware
  • Interactive games & simulations
Go Mobile with Ease, mobile LMS, mobile learning system, Mobile Learning
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