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NetDimensions SDK

The NetDimensions Software Development Kit (SDK) is a development tool that enables users of NetDimensions Learning and their website developers to integrate NetDimensions Learning’s functionality into existing websites, company portals or learning portals.

The NetDimensions LMS SDK achieves this seamless integration through an Application Programming Interface (API), which pulls the necessary information from NetDimensions Learning and presents it in the desired format within the website or learning portal.

Our learning management system API collects information from your learning system, including course catalogs, news articles and training history, as well as performing actions such as enrolling users, launching courses and conducting surveys and assessments.


NetDimensions Learning, on its own, is already a very flexible and easy-to-customize system in terms of adapting the look and feel of an organization’s brand.

The SDK gives organizations more flexibility by allowing them to present NetDimensions Learning’s functionality in an environment that is more familiar to or easier to access by their target audience, such as customized websites, assembly line kiosks and other devices that can deliver information at the point of need.

Platform Neutral

The NetDimensions SDK can be used to develop customized pages or user interface screens using Java/JSP, Microsoft.Net, PHP or any other programming language and platform that supports web standards (including HTTP and XML).

NetDimensions Learning clients also have the flexibility to deploy their website or portal with NetDimensions Learning functionality on a different server or data center from that of their learning system, which can either be installed behind their firewall or hosted by NetDimensions.


The NetDimensions SDK will help you enhance your existing website or create a brand new, customized portal to target various applications, including:

  • Compliance/Certification Programs
    Communicate critical information about compliance or certification training to employees, partners, suppliers and other members of your extended enterprise.
  • HR Policy Orientation
    Disseminate the most updated HR news and policies to members of the organization -- ensure all staff members have the necessary information to adhere to the new policies.
  • Pre-Hire/Recruitment Programs
    Ensure that all potential candidates and new hires know about the requirements and competencies needed prior to hiring through a centralized orientation program portal.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives
    Update members of your organization with news of corporate actions and social responsibility -- allowing each member of the organization to understand their role.
  • Third-Party Paid Training Services
    Offer paid courses to third parties, taking advantage of NetDimension Learning's robust and secure eCommerce functionality.

Although all these applications may also be realized by using NetDimensions SDK*, the SDK gives a NetDimensions Learning client a lot more flexibility in terms of website design and functionality. The possibilities are endless.

*Some customization may be necessary depending on the application requirements.

Take advantage of the NetDimensions SDK and:

  • Develop an unlimited number of websites or portals with NetDimensions Learning functionality
    • All sites pulling information from your LMS
    • Each website or portal can have its own look and feel
    • Present information targeted at different departments or lines of business
  • Enhance communication and collaboration within your organization and channel network
    • Streamline the distribution of information
    • Create a more engaging experience for members
  • Create new revenue streams for your organization
    • Provide a gateway for third-party users to access your courseware, surveys or assessments
    • Enable self-enrollment for specific training courses
    • Give learners an easy-to-access overview of their progress in courses or other training programs

Contact us today and we will show you how the NetDimensions SDK will open new opportunities for your organization.

NetDimensions SDK
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