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The NetDimensions Interactive business unit offers a comprehensive suite of services and tools to satisfy every unique learning requirement your organization is challenged to complete. With more than a decade of experience and a seasoned development staff, our team offers strategic eLearning consulting, custom courseware development, interactive portals, and mobile learning solutions.

NetDimensions Interactive delivers innovation and efficient design to every project. We understand the importance of bringing creativity and unique designs to deliver solutions that effectively meet the needs of your business. Whenever standard tools are unable to meet a need, our engineers can devise a solution tailor made for you. We create solutions that best suit the need rather than force a solution into an existing tool or conventional course structure.

Content & Application Development Services

  • Custom Course Development
  • Conversion of Traditional eLearning to mLearning (Mobile Learning)
  • Mobile Course Development & Tools
  • Native iPad applications
  • Learning Portal Development and Integration to Corporate Systems
  • Assistance Services through MyTeam+ and MyTools+ programs

Why we are different

While every project is different, custom eLearning development projects are often categorized in three levels that define the general cost, learning effectiveness, and production time.

A number of factors will determine what level is appropriate for the learning need. Our sales consultants will work with you to determine which development level is appropriate for your project.

We'll analyze your project to determine key factors such as learner audience, budget, learning objectives, business objectives, time to deployment, as well as others. With this information identified we'll help you choose the development strategy that best fits your business:

Level Description Level of Learning Best For
1 Simple PowerPoint style course with a quiz component. Minimal interactivity. Knowledge
  • Short shelf life content
  • Quick deployment
  • Information dissemination
  • Lower cost range
2 Full interactive eLearning experience with animation, audio, and creative learning treatment. Comprehension
  • Higher learning level
  • Longer shelf life content
  • Keeping learner engaged
  • Moderate cost range
3 Includes interactive software simulations, role play business simulation, synchronized media. Application
  • Applying knowledge or skills
  • Learning software applications
  • Learning processes
  • Higher cost range

What's Next?

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