How to switch from a legacy system to a new LMS

Facing challenges with an outdated LMS? You’re not alone. Many organizations are feeling 'stuck' with legacy systems and are ready to switch to an updated, cloud-based application that utilizes today’s innovative LMS features.

Engaging mobile-friendly eLearning has become increasingly vital for corporate training because of its geographical reach, flexibility, convenience, and cost effectiveness in course delivery and management. As technology and expectations continue to grow, so will technology-based training.

Switching from an outdated, legacy system to a mobile-friendly LMS which is full of useful and engaging features can make all the difference for training professionals and learners.

Download the Insight to discover the six detailed steps to switching to a new LMS, from the initial decision-making to going live.

The Insight's topics include:

  • Planning for your new system
  • Understanding and Implementing your data migration
  • Testing and increasing user acceptance

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