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NetDimensions is listed on AIM, a market regulated by the London Stock Exchange.

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Total no. of shares :  51,273,865
Updated :  10/31/2016

Significant shareholders

Name of significant shareholdersPersonal Interests (Note 1)Family Interests (Note 2)Total number of shares held% of total issued shares
Henderson Global Investors Limited12,625,980 - 12,625,98024.62%
Jay Mervin Shaw4,311,500505,0004,816,5009.39%
Herald Investment Management Limited4,771,000 - 4,771,0009.30%
Ray Cecil Ruff2,791,3881,000,0003,791,3887.39%
Hargreave Hale Limited3,620,000 - 3,620,0007.06%
City Financial Investment Company Limited2,630,500 - 2,630,5005.13%
Leong Kwok Wai Winston 2,600,000 - 2,600,0005.07%
Miton Asset Management Ltd1,327,158 - 1,327,1582.59%
Graham Higgins236,639 - 236,6390.46%
Anna Thompson113,500 - 113,5000.22%
Matthew Chaloner6,000-6,0000.01%

(1) The shares are registered under the name of the directors who are the beneficial shareholders.
(2) The spouses of Jay Mervin Shaw and Ray Cecil Ruff are the beneficial shareholders.

Shares Not in Public Hands

In the terms of AIM Rules published February 2010 and insofar as it is aware, at 31 October 2016, 43.75% of the Company's AIM securities were not in public hands.

NOTE: NetDimensions (Holdings) Limited is a Cayman Islands registered company. Therefore, the rights of shareholders in NetDimensions (Holdings) Limited may differ from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated company. NetDimensions (Holdings) Limited has its principle place of business outside the United Kingdom and as Cayman Islands registered Company "The City Code on Takeovers and Mergers" does not apply.

ADRs On OTCQX International

NetDimensions (Holdings) Limited has an American Depositary Receipt (ADR) program that trades on the Over-The-Counter (OTC) market in the US. NetDimensions has chosen to have its ADRs quoted on the OTCQX International market. More information on OTCQX International can be obtained from

An ADR is a receipt that is issued by a depositary bank representing ownership of a company's underlying ordinary shares. ADRs are quoted in US dollars and trade just like any other US security. The company has a sponsored Level 1 ADR program for which BNY Mellon acts as Depositary. When dividends are paid to shareholders, the depositary makes equivalent payments in US dollars to ADR holders.

  • Ratio: 1 ADR = 5 ordinary shares
  • Platform: OTC
  • Symbol: NETDY
  • CUSIP: 64112N100

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NetDimensions ADR information link

ADR queries may be directed to BNY Mellon by post, telephone or e-mail. Please see BNY Mellon's contact details below.


The Bank of New York Mellon

PO Box 358516
Pittsburgh, PA 15252-8516, USA
Telephone: 1-201-680-6825
Toll free (domestic): 1-888-BNY-ADRS

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