Talent Suite 13.2 offers NetDimensions users even more talent management features

NetDimensions Talent Suite is renowned for offering sophisticated talent management solutions for highly-regulated industries, and the new version of the software platform will give customers even more features when it launches in November 2017.

The next step in the continuous development of the software will incorporate Amazon Web Services, the market leader for security, reliability and delivering top-quality learning content, as part of Talent Suite 13.2.

More Artificial Intelligence capability has been added to the NetDimensions Talent Suite

The recently released version 13.1 of the NetDimensions Talent Suite includes a number of exciting new features, such as bolstered Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability.

Artificial Intelligence, or machine intelligence, is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior”. Artificial Intelligence is widely tipped to revolutionize the Learning & Development (L&D) industry with its ability to use technology to make automated, intelligent choices on an ongoing basis.

Artificial Intelligence was first introduced to the NetDimensions Talent Suite with the introduction of Dynamic Load Analysis in version 12 in July 2016.

The NetDimensions Talent Suite version 13.1 sees new, enhanced AI functionality with the addition of the AI Assistant Recommendations feature.

Talent Management is Moneyball

Josh Bersin, one of the best non-financial analysts covering the world of talent and HR solutions today, recently posted a blog piece that ended with a shout out to Moneyball, the Michael Lewis book (and now Brad Pitt movie) about The Oakland A’s.

For the two or three people in the world who don’t already know this story, the A’s manager Billy Beane hired a young statistician from Yale, a hitherto uncommon hiring choice in the world of Major League Baseball.

In an effort to create a winning team on a limited budget, the two men ditched the talent scout model for sourcing players and instead adopted serious statistical modeling, the equivalent of price arbitrage analysis in the world of finance.