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Meet the Team: Ali Zaheer

As a Senior Solutions Consultant, Ali Zaheer delivers NetDimensions Talent Suite demonstrations to people and organizations globally. When he’s not showing off Talent Suite’s customization capabilities, you might find him on the cricket pitch.

Let’s get to know Ali better.

Which aspects of working at NetDimensions do you love most?

1. Travel. I get to learn a lot and I love it.
2. Meeting prospects and clients, and learning about their businesses and new challenges. I also love meeting our wonderful team during global sales meetings.
3. Working from home – it means I don’t waste time and energy commuting.
4. I am personally very passionate about NetDimensions Talent Suite, which I’ve loved since the first time I saw it in 2002.

What is your proudest accomplishment, both personally and professionally?

Personal first: Having lived almost my entire life in Dubai, attended university in Texas and returned to Dubai again, I finally made the big move to Canada in 2010.

It’s super-cold, so I’m not sure what I was thinking. But I haven’t looked back since and am proud to call this country my home.

Professionally, there are two achievements I would love to share. Although I have received many awards, a particularly memorable one came at the beginning of my career, from the VP of ABN Amro Bank.

This was for their first ever eLearning project in the Middle East, launching NetDimensions Learning, Skillsoft Business and IT for employees and Harvard Business courses for senior management. Our product was known as EKP Silver at that time.

Secondly, I happened to present the concept of HTML Widgets functionality to the senior management and it got approved. Seeing it as part of the product and how much value it has eventually added to the product experience feels great.

What are the four things you can’t work without?

What superpower would you love to have at work?

The ability to teleport myself to different locations globally – no more long flights.

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