Should you choose a cloud-based LMS or on-premise LMS?

With today’s learners tending to upskill on the go, a mobile LMS is all the rage in the consumer marketplace. Different kinds of Learning Management Systems offer different features and flexibility, and the pros and cons of in-house and cloud-based systems depend on the unique requirements of your organization, such as its security needs. Picking the best solution is a case of considering a wide range of factors, so here are a few questions to ask.

NetDimensions Talent Suite is a secure, cloud-based LMS

What are the costs involved?

While an in-house LMS will usually involve one-off purchases and maintenance, cloud-based services tend to operate on a subscription basis. This means that the total cost of ownership needs to be weighed up over a long period of time.

Cloud-based LMS services can offer an opportunity to utilize world-class learning solutions on a tight budget and to scale. Few organizations want the cost and hassle of building an in-house service which could offer as much as a web-based eLearning service for the same price.

SaaS (Software as a Service) applications also mean you don’t have to buy and install new hardware or software, but you could find that the cost of internal implementation is less than payments to a cloud-based service over time.

What are your existing resources?

Your current capabilities, such as the size of your technical team and understanding of effective LMS implementation, naturally play a part in guiding your decision between a cloud-based LMS and an on-premise LMS.

A high-quality cloud-based LMS should offer you a range of storage options and features according to your resource requirements, and the cost of each option should be clearly laid out. Factors such as your existing servers, bandwidth and IT burden need to be carefully considered in any comparison with cloud-based alternatives.

What are your security considerations?

With the increase in data security breaches and ransomware attacks, organizations, understandably, consider security a critical aspect of their learning programs. Using a cloud-based system can feel like ceding at least some control over security.

Highly-regulated industries and organizations have tended to be more wary of using cloud-based applications because of the perceived security risks of keeping data in the cloud.

There are a number of data security concerns to be mindful of when choosing between a cloud-based LMS and an on-premise LMSAn ideal solution, such as NetDimensions Talent Suite, gives you a market-leading architecture with a range of security features. NetDimensions is ISO 27001 certified and offers trusted security features, including:

  • Multiple data centers in key locations worldwide
  • Client data compartmentalization to address data privacy controls
  • Transactional security
  • Encryption of data at rest
  • Regular penetration testing
  • A variety of other advanced security features

For more on these advanced security features, click here.

Equally, cloud service providers can leverage economies of scale to provide security beyond anything organizations might be able to practically ensure on their own, including maintenance and updates, which might prove costly with an in-house system.
An ideal solution, such as NetDimensions’ Talent Suite, gives you a market-leading SaaS architecture with a range of security features. You can be sure your data is safe and stays in the region you choose.

What are your compliance requirements?

Ensuring compliance with all the laws and regulations that apply to your business is often a complex challenge.

Some regulatory requirements have strict guidelines on system updates that most SaaS providers cannot meet, and only a small number of on-premise and cloud-based solutions, such as NetDimensions, are rigorous enough to meet compliance demands.

Can you customize your content and make updates quickly enough?

If you want thousands of different types of buttons, visual assets or audio files, some cloud-based eLearning solutions may struggle to offer your L&D designers flexibility.

Ideally, whether your LMS is in-house or remote, you should be able to make real-time updates to content, which are then immediately accessible to your learners.

There are lots of factors to bear in mind when choosing between a cloud-based and on-premise LMS, and the two solutions aren’t mutually exclusive. With NetDimensions, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

If you’d like to speak to a NetDimensions LMS expert about your organization’s needs, contact us today.

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