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NetDimensions continues push for sustainable and socially responsible practices


CSR 2016 Activities Summary and UNGC Communication on Progress

NetDimensions kicked off its CSR efforts for 2016 with the Walk for Millions Walkathon in Hong Kong. We had over 30 participants and raised nearly US$2,600 for charities supported by The Community Chest in Hong Kong.

We then organized an educational trip where we invited 30 kids from families in the Philippines (beneficiaries of the Department of Social Welfare and Development) to Museo Pambata, at the same time providing these children with a nutritious meal and museum-related guidance and education.

In March 2016, NetDimensions sponsored the Heep Hong Society of Hong Kong once again to organize a full day activity for children with specific learning difficulties and other special needs. The event was hosted at the Garden of Life, an animal farm in Yuen Long, New Territories. Nearly 30 children and their families, as well as 10 NetDimensions volunteers (some of whom were accompanied by their family members), joined the event.

As part of NetDimensions’ annual global user conference, NextSteps 2016, conference delegates participated in a “casino night” reception event playing games of chance with fun money. The top three winners were jointly awarded with a donation of US$1,000 to their preferred charities, resulting in a US$500 donation to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, a US$250 donation to the Canadian Cancer Society, and another US$250 donation to Kumansansa – Children of Zambia.

We also donated US$250 to the Phoenix Foundation Uganda, US$500 to the charity Haven in the USA that offers aid to Haiti following the devastating impact of Hurricane Matthew.

During the summer, we committed around US$1,300 to sponsor – in collaboration with the Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation – the Astig Pinay Exiles Rugby Team, a newly established rugby team composed of (currently) nine domestic helpers in Hong Kong.

Our sponsorship enabled the team to purchase rugby kits and gear, rent rugby pitches, participate in rugby tournaments, and go through formal rugby coaching training. According to Amnesty International, domestic helpers in Hong Kong are often at risk of serious human and labor rights violations. In addition, integration of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong with other local communities is almost non-existent. This initiative is looking to enhance integration of domestic helpers into Hong Kong’s society.

In September we once again organized voluntary staff blood donations in Hong Kong and our Atlanta, GA office, with 13 donors in total. Blood donor organizations globally recently highlighted an almost 30% drop in the number of people donating blood globally compared to a decade ago. NetDimensions once more endeavored to emphasize the tremendous importance of the donation of blood and by doing so saving people’s lives.

In November, around 20 NetDimensions volunteers, some with their family members, set out to cleanup a 4.5 kilometer stretch of the Shek O – Siu Sai Wan Trail on Hong Kong Island in an event co-organized with Hong Kong Cleanup.

After about 2.5 hours of walking the trail, the NetDimensions team collected 1,390 pieces of trash weighing a total of 46kg. Our efforts in this regard were rewarded with two bronze medals by Ecozine Hong Kong in the categories “Largest Team – Country” and “Most Trash Collected – Country”.

Throughout the year, we – as with previous years – continued to work with LINGOs and again saw them increasing the use of the NetDimensions Talent Suite substantially. LINGOs now has a total of 80 of their member NGOs (and approximately 23,000 active users) working with NetDimensions Learning.

In addition, during 2016 we continued building our internal CSR documentation and frameworks, through the introduction of a CSR sensitive Global Purchasing Policy, expansion of our global data protection policies and training materials, extension of our CSR KPI monitoring, and introduction of a sales proposal CSR appendix for sharing with clients and prospects. And as part of our commitment to sustainability and Fair Trade practices, we started purchasing fair trade coffee at our Philippines office from local fair trade vendor, Coffee For Peace.

Finally, toward the end of the year, NetDimensions was again awarded with a Silver rating by EcoVadis, a global CSR assessment company providing supplier sustainability ratings for global supply chains, meaning that we again scored comfortably in the top 30% of companies evaluated by EcoVadis.

Where the rating was previously only granted to NetDimensions Limited in Hong Kong, the rating for 2016 has been extended to the entire NetDimensions Group of Companies worldwide.

This as well provides an objective demonstration of NetDimensions’ substantial and change-making CSR efforts and we hope to continue making progress in this regard.

For full details of these programs and activities, please refer to our 2016 Communication on Progress Report for the United Nations Global Compact.