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Ridgeview Medical Center

"NetDimensions Learning provides us with a complete view of training and development across the entire Ridgeview system."

- Sandy Luehrs, Organizational Development Coordinator, Ridgeview Medical Center

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"We chose NetDimensions Learning because their team understood our needs in compliance management. Their system can also be customized to meet our specific needs in learning and development management."

- Tony Leach, Health, Safety and Environment Director, Keepmoat

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Mott MacDonald

"We have a strong relationship with NetDimensions and value their understanding of our requirements around compliance. Their flexibility in meeting our needs is critical."

- Peter Gomm, Learning Technologies Manager, Mott MacDonald

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Omega Performance

"By empowering our clients with reliable, on-demand training data, we are able to partner with them to develop high-impact training programs that work for their unique training objectives."

- Director of Learning Technology, Omega Performance

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Norton Healthcare

"NetDimensions has the functionality and reporting capabilities we need to meet the requirements of the Joint Commission."

- Kathleen Recktenwald, RN, Manager eLearning Development, Norton Healthcare

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Uster Technologies

"We chose NetDimensions because it is a global company that could meet all our specific requirements and because it is well-known for their innovations on the mobile front."

- Geoffrey Scott, CEO, Uster Technologies

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Morses Club

"I would certainly recommend NetDimensions. NetDimensions Talent Suite is ideal for proving that mandatory training has been completed and everyone has been assessed for the competencies for their specific job roles."

- Steve Wright, Head of Learning and Development, Morses Club

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Thales Training & Consultancy

"NetDimensions not only set themselves apart by having a desire to win the business. They also had the depth of developer teams to create our customisations."

- Rachel Kay, Thales Training & Consultancy

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Finnair Flight Academy Ltd.

"With the NetDimensions integrated solution, we are now able to create and maintain training solutions and records under the same LMS umbrella. Given the aviation industry is highly regulated, the need for accurate training records is required by the authorities."

- Mikko Salminen, Finnair Flight Academy Ltd.

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Mission Health

"With other LMS software vendors, randomizing a multi-section exam was not possible, but with NetDimensions Exams, we constructed a system that confidently assesses the learners' knowledge after the course."

- Heidi Sherman, Education Specialist, Mission Health

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"NetDimensions Learning is a flexible, multi-language solution. It allows us to personalize the visual design and make the learning experience engaging for our users."

- Sabine K├╝hnlein, Project Manager, Learning Management System, SEW

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"We like the easy accessibility using any device, as well as the opportunity to do just-in-time learning anywhere, anytime."

- Patricia Kleinfeldt, Director, Quality and Education Services, AAA

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"We needed a partner who understands what we need to do in order to meet regulatory requirements and has strong experience in high-consequence industries, such as life sciences."

- David Burns, Director for Global Training Solutions, Elekta

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"NetDimensions Learning helps us create consistency and common understanding across the business units, reduce the time spent away from the workplace and introduce blended learning that is stimulating and interactive."

- Jenny Wright, Metropolitan

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Credit Corp Group

"We like the customized learning portal and we are happy with the services and aftersales support provided by the NetDimensions team."

- Asim Aly-Khan, Credit Corp Group

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"NetDimensions allows us to move beyond simply providing traditional learning management functionality so we can now bring community and social aspects to the online learning experience."

- Eric Berg, NGO Management, LINGOs

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EastWest Bank

"NetDimensions Learning allows us to efficiently monitor and administer all training notifications and records."

- Judy Grace Capili, HR Vice President & Head of EastWest Academy, EastWest Bank

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What Analysts Say

Aragon Research

"Its global focus, combined with strong deployments in Europe and Asia, makes NetDimensions a good choice for firms that operate across the globe."

Bersin & Associates

"The company's product is well engineered and proven in several large implementations."


"A strong specialist player, that understands their customer sweet spots and likely to remain a core player in chosen markets. Investing heavily in strengthening its global team."

Brandon Hall Group

"The words that have been used in past reviews of NetDimensions 'bulletproof' and 'adaptable' are still true. NetDimensions Learning is an excellent, flexible system. It has strong functionality around competencies, testing, and compliance."

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