“With other LMS software vendors, randomizing a multi-section exam was not possible, but with NetDimensions Exams, we constructed a system that confidently assesses the learners' knowledge after the course.”

- Heidi Sherman, Education Specialist

Workforce Compliance with NetDimensions Exams

Mission Health created a dynamic exam process that can confidently assess their employees' knowledge after any compliance training.

Read this case study and learn how Mission Health, a top healthcare institution in the US, achieves workforce compliance by managing a blended training program with NetDimensions Learning, as well as conducting individualized assessments using NetDimensions Exams.

Healthcare institutions in the US are highly regulated and compliance is a major priority affecting their employees, their processes, and their operations. Mission Health needed a versatile LMS to deliver training to more than 1,000 physicians, as well as 10,600 employees and 2,000 volunteers. They also needed a sophisticated exam process that would assess employees’ knowledge after training.

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