“NetDimensions not only set themselves apart by having a desire to win the business. They also had the depth of developer teams to create our customisations.”

- Rachel Kay

Elearnity In Focus Enterprise Case Study:
Thales Training & Consultancy

Thales Training & Consultancy built a Next Generation learning infrastructure to deliver innovating learning to both internal and external clients.

Read this case study to learn how Thales Training & Consultancy looked at building a Next Generation learning infrastructure to support their internal and external clients. They began a transformational journey, which would make them break some established taboos and come to truly understand the benefit for agile and sustainable solutions that drive value - fast. 

For Thales Training & Consultancy, being able to focus on the quality of service more than the management of platforms was critical to their success. Their story has some salutatory learning for everyone - from those who deliver learning internally, to those who support an extended enterprise, through to those who aspire to run learning as a business.

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