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May 10-11, 2017 | London, UK
BCD Travel

Managing multi-language performance appraisal process using the NetDimensions Talent Suite

BCD Travel, being a global company, successfully implemented the global performance appraisal process supported in 6 languages and has gone through challenges and successes in this process.

This is a case study on how BCD Travel’s performance appraisal requirement is addressed using the NetDimensions Talent Suite.

The presentation will cover:

  • Overview of performance appraisal process in BCD Travel
  • Performance appraisal form design and implementation
  • Connecting performance appraisal with career development and learning


Puneet Lakra

Puneet Has over 13 years of work experience spanning across Call Center, BPO, Operations, Learning & Development, Healthcare and Talent Management.

Currently he manages NetDimensions Talent Suite as a Global Product Manager at BCD Travel, utilising the Learning, Performance and Exam modules.

BCD Travel is hosting more than 11500 active users globally in six languages which are English, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese (BR) and Spanish (ES). The organisation successfully implemented performance appraisal process globally and 2017 marks the 3rd year of appraisal process.


with Puneet