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May 10-11, 2017 | London, UK

Transform your learners’ experience using learning portals

With today’s information overload, engaging employees, customers and partners is an ever-increasing challenge. Organisations need to provide personalised, compelling and engaging learning experiences, designed to suit the needs of the individual and deliver simultaneous results.

In this session we will cover the reasons why you might consider extending the NetDimensions Talent Suite with a customised learning portal, and look at some customer success stories.


Peter Dobinson

Solutions Architect

Peter Dobinson has had over 10 years’ experience in designing, building and managing online products. He previously worked for companies including Philips, Electronics Arts and the NHS.

At LEO, he is responsible for some of our largest learning architectures, working as both Solutions Architect and Technical Lead. He is an expert in learning platforms, content technologies, user-centred design, product management, data analytics and system integrations.


Supporting 3Shape business strategies and getting closer to the end-users with online training portals

3Shape, an award winning 3D scanning and CAD/CAM technology company, is focused on improving dental care. The 3Shape TRIOS is a sophisticated intraoral scanning system developed by 3Shape and is utilised by dental professionals globally. This sophisticated system requires a baseline level of expertise and understanding in order to put it into practice.

The client-facing portal utilises NetDimensions Talent Suite as the supporting technology and integrates the 3Shape TRIOS product branding. The portal provides an intuitive multi-modal training experience; integrating videos, asynchronous e-learning modules, on-site clinic workshops along with supporting reference resources.


Indre Sveikauskaite

Marketing Project Manager

As Marketing Project Manager Indre’s responsibility is to support the 3Shape sales partners and end-users with online training. She makes sure that the partners can successfully adopt high quality online training and tools that enables them to promote and sell 3Shape products. In cooperation with relevant functions – (business units, sales managers, marketing functions and academy), she develops and maintains the content for online portals dedicated to train the end-users. Implementation and maintenance is part of her daily operations.


with Indre