Regulatory Training in Government

Workforce Efficiency, Job Engagement, and Public Satisfaction
are More Critical Than Ever

Complex regulatory compliance requirements for Government and public sector

Complex regulatory compliance procedures
How do you navigate complicated bureaucratic processes and meet numerous regulatory requirements for various government agencies while minimizing costs?

widening government employee skill gaps

Widening skill gaps
Are you ready to meet the challenges posed by a widening skills gap caused by staff reductions and the growing number of retiring employees whose expertise and knowledge are difficult and costly to replace?

government budget pressure

Budget pressures
How do you efficiently manage budgets while motivating/retaining current employees and increasing productivity at the same time?

public sector service quality maintenance

Maintain public service quality
Do you know that you can take advantage of a talent management system to help ensure continuity of essential services and improving service to your constituents?

Address these challenges with a centralized Talent and Learning
Management System that enables you to:

  • Deliver electronic audit trails, supporting e-signatures and providing transparent records
  • Increase training accessibility to improve employee productivity
  • Provide inspection-ready electronic records via efficient centralized reporting
  • Track workforce readiness based on competencies through tailored reports
  • Deliver ongoing professional development and minimize skill gaps
  • Share knowledge more effectively by increasing cross-team collaboration and communication


Compliance Analysis

Proactive, Cost-Effective Approach to Compliance

Reduce the costs of non-compliance by making compliance training a daily routine. Become a best-in-class organization by moving from a reactive approach to compliance to a proactive one.

NetDimensions is in the forefront of proactive compliance reporting with:

  • Competency-based compliance reporting to highlight current compliance levels and ongoing compliance risks, including the ability to drill-down to specific departments, and individual employees.
  • ‘Compliance analysis‘ module in NetDimensions Learning that includes a set of out-of-the-box reports specific to raining compliance.
  • NetDimensions Analytics, a state-of-the-art talent analytics application.
Proactive, cost-effective approach to compliance
Government Extended Enterprise

Manage Compliance Across Various Public Service Groups

Manage public sector staff and contractor training records using one system.

Be prepared for compliance audits and have training records ready for inspection by using the efficient centralized reporting tools for a complete view of the whole extended enterprise. Manage training centrally to maintain consistent quality. Create customized learning portals for different users across extended enterprise and integrate with 3rd-party systems.

Government Extended Enterprise training system
Learning Portals

Provide Customized Learning Solutions for Various Groups

Manage training centrally to keep quality consistent.

Create customized learning portals for different users across the various public sector agencies and integrate with 3rd party systems.

NetDimensions Talent Suite is a flexible system, with customizations for complex environments. It offers an open set of APIs that allow for easy integration of talent and learning functionality into any website, portal, or enterprise application.

NetDimensions also offers a full set of services to help you customize the solution for your environment.

Customized Learning Portal
Mobile Learning

Mobile Solution for Flexible Training and Performance Support

Offer your dispersed workforce -- those always in the field and do not necessarily work at a desk with a computer -- flexible ways of taking training based on personal media preferences, such as mobile for performance support and offline learning. Our mobile solution will enable you to engage a new generation employees serving in the public sector by providing innovative learning experiences.

NetDimensions Talent Slate is a native mobile application for on-the-job training and performance support. NetDimensions Talent Slate provides both online and offline access to learning materials.

Mobile and flexible training
Competency Modeling

Managing Talent with Competency Models

The NetDimensions Talent Suite is built on the principle that when competencies are used for talent management, they act as a powerful tool for communicating and reinforcing what an organization values.

NetDimensions Performance enables you to create your own competency model or you can import an off-the-shelf competency model and tailor this to your needs.

The Competency Manager lets you identify people with the skills and competencies your organization needs so that key individuals can be placed in the right roles at the right time, increasing motivation, reducing turnover, and enabling your organization improve delivery of services to your constituents.

Competency Modeling
Talent Analytics

Real-time Overview of Competencies and Compliance Status

NetDimensions Performance gives managers and Learning & Development professionals access to summarized performance and competency scores and trends as well as real-time progress on individual and organizational goals.

High-level overviews, built-in reports, and drill-down information on locations, teams, and individuals allow better decision-making.

A manager can drill down a direct report's profile and easily identify whether the staff has acquired the necessary competencies through mandatory training that fulfills the makeup of the job profile.

Talent Analytics and Reporting

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