Regulatory Training in Energy

Industry Challenges Have Never Been More Critical

From the wellhead to the gasoline pump, whatever stage you are in the oil and gas value chain, you could be facing any of the following challenges:

  • More severe process conditions - higher temps and pressures
  • Larger and more complex facilities and procedures
  • More inhospitable regimes - deeper waters and colder climates
  • Frontier acreage that is getting more difficult, more political & more remote to access
  • Greater financial and resource challenges as competition intensifies
  • Increased regulatory pressures and consequences
  • Heightened public oversight and media scrutiny
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Workforce Challenges
in Energy

Workforce Challenges in Energy

Workforce Safety Risks

  • Ineffective onboarding or upskilling
  • Delays in equipment training
  • Failure to properly assess readiness of line workers
  • Lack of timely communication with key stakeholders
  • Safety procedures not in place or not current
  • Insufficient training to workforce in remote locations
  • Limited understanding of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Supply chain workforce not easy to manage and train

Environmental Impact

While the wildlife and marine species in the Gulf of Mexico area are still suffering from the aftermath from the biggest offshore oil spill in the U.S. history, we have to understand that the incident is by no means unique. If we can better identify the underwater challenges, we are one step closer to finding a solution for more sustainable operations and lower environmental risks. The key to this solution is people.

Our Solutions

Compliance Training

Compliance Training

Frequently changing industry regulations as well as complicated and diversified regional government regulations make compliance management critical.

NetDimensions Learning enables compliance, governance, and risk control training programs to be delivered in an effective and efficient manner. Organizations can maintain business compliance, assess that regulations and risks are understood, and, at the same time, make sure that processes, procedures, and technologies are aligned.

NetDimensions' electronic records are updated in real time for pro-active compliance reporting. They are also quick and easy to access and report on, thus allowing your organization to be inspection-ready more effectively and efficiently.

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Supply Chain Talent Management

Supply Chain Talent Management

As Energy is an industry sector with strong reliance on supply chains, delivering compliance training to the partner ecosystem and assessing readiness of the partner workforce have always been extremely important.

NetDimensions Talent Suite provides a flexible, extensible, scalable, and adaptable talent management system for competency modeling, training access and delivery, job profiling, certification and licensing, as well as collaboration along the full value chain.

Moreover, NetDimensions Talent Suite provides a uniquely personalized environment for each partner via extensible configuration and integration capabilities within learning portals or other platforms of choice.

Supply Chain Talent Management
Mobile Workforce Learning

Mobile Workforce Learning

As offshore exploration sites are often located at remote areas where there is no access to cellular coverage, lack of connectivity becomes a major challenge faced by employees in the energy sector.

NetDimensions Talent Slate - a native mobile application for on-the-job training and performance support. NetDimensions Talent Slate provides both online and offline access to learning materials.

Mobile Workforce Learning
Supervisory Assessments

Supervisory Assessments

Mobile assessments enable managers to evaluate employee performance in real time and on-the-job, whether the employees are on an oil rig, research outpost, transportation vessel, or the company’s offices.

Mobile supervisory assessments on NetDimensions Talent Slate can be executed at the point of performance using a mobile device (whether Internet connectivity is available or not). Assessment results are then automatically synchronized with NetDimensions Talent Suite whenever connectivity becomes available.

With smart synchronization, NetDimensions Talent Suite remains the single system of record regardless of where assessments are completed.

Supervisory Assessment
Compliance Analysis

Compliance Analysis

Best-in-class organizations are moving from a reactive approach to compliance to a pro-active one.

NetDimensions has been in the forefront of pro-active compliance management with:

  • Competency-based compliance reporting to highlight current compliance levels and ongoing compliance risks, including the ability to drill-down to specific departments, and individual employees
  • ‘Compliance analysis’ module in NetDimensions Learning that includes a set of out-of-the-box reports specific to training compliance
  • NetDimensions Analytics, a state-of-the-art talent analytics application
Talent and Compliance Analysis
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