“We highly recommend NetDimensions Talent Suite. The system is enterprise-grade, stable, and the functionality fulfilled almost all our expectations.”

- Lucia Zdàrskà, Training Coordinator at GMC Software Technology

Knowledge is Power

GMC Software Technology increases product and corporate knowledge among thousands of employees and clients around the world with NetDimensions Talent Suite.

Read this case study to learn how GMC Software Technology’s implementation of NetDimensions Talent Suite enabled the company to increase product and corporate knowledge among employees and clients around the world. Also Find out how increasing knowledge resulted in reducing costs, increasing client satisfaction, and creating new revenue channels for the company.

GMC Software Technology offers end-to-end software solutions for designing, composing, and producing personalized print and electronic customer communication. Their mission is to enable clients to communicate more effectively, to more people, and in a way that's more responsive to their customers' needs.

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