Building a Successful Workplace for the 2020s

This guest blog post by Jeremy Blain was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse as part of a week-long series of blog posts featuring the five drivers for success as we head to the 2020s workplace, according the white paper “5 Key Drivers to Build a Successful Workplace for the 2020s” published by Cegos Asia Pacific.

Driver #2 of 5: Impact of Technology
Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution — digitization of work, communication, collaboration, learning, life…

Considering an increasingly remote and potentially independent workforce of the near future, 83% of respondents believe that as Gen Z enter the workforce they will require and will demand far greater peer connectivity using mobile devices.

Technology remains at the heart of modern business, and is playing an increasingly important role in how we connect with clients and associates alike.

Respondents told us they are already preparing for the changes that come with new technology; many believing that our working practices will become more automated over time.

Technology Now

We asked a group of business, learning and HR leaders how their organizations were using / benefiting from new technologies, enabling greater efficiency of and effectiveness within their workforce.

Their top 5 outputs were:

Why is mobile not buzzing yet? (Part 2 of 2)

This is the conclusion of a 2-part guest blog post from Speexx, sponsor of NextSteps 2016, NetDimensions’ Global User Conference. Click here to read Part 1.


Step 2: Engage, engage!

For the learner, offering training that is optimized for a mobile device can be very engaging, as it allows him or her to drive their learning path, when and where is most convenient. This flexibility impacts the success rate of your learners and therefore the success and cost effectiveness of the training program.

Remember, you want to engage with learners with both content and tools that they are used to seeing outside of the workplace, from gamification elements of learning to mobile devices.


We take CSR seriously, and we aim to help bring joy into our communities at the same time

NetDimensions kicked off its 2016 CSR program with volunteers from its Hong Kong office participating in the Hong Kong and Kowloon Walk for Millions organized by The Community Chest of Hong Kong on January 10th. This is the third year that NetDimensions and its volunteers have participated in the walk to raise money from various sponsors to support social welfare agencies in providing Family and Child Welfare Services.


In February, NetDimensions co-sponsored a community event for children in Manila, Philippines in coordination with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) as part of the Philippine government’s Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (“Bridging Program for the Filipino Family”).

Why is mobile not buzzing yet? (Part 1 of 2)

This is the first of a two-part guest blog post from Speexx, sponsor of NextSteps 2016, NetDimensions’ Global User Conference.

Going through recommended readings posted by HR thought leader Laura Overton, I noticed that thought Leaders in HR often speak about the top trends in learning and development. And their bucket list for 2016 includes cloud based learning platforms, micro-learning and “going mobile”.


But how much are we using mobile learning in our communication training programs? Are we really implementing it?

We Take CSR Seriously

As a global company, NetDimensions is committed to providing value to our shareholders and our community of clients and partners around the world. In this effort, we take social responsibility very seriously.

We conduct business ethically and responsibly, respecting and investing in our employees and partners, and improving the life of the communities we live and work in.


United Nations Global Compact

A few years ago, our CEO and co-founder Jay Shaw, shared his views about CSR and how NetDimensions will keep it simple by joining the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and aligning our CSR initiatives with its Ten Principles.


As an active participant in the UNGC and our commitment to sustainability and transparency, NetDimensions publishes Communication on Progress reports each year. The reports detail our work in aligning our strategies and operations to the Ten Principles. NetDimensions’ COP is now classified as GC Active for meeting the minimum requirements set by the UNGC.


EcoVadis Silver CSR Rating


NetDimensions was awarded a Silver CSR Rating by EcoVadis in November 2015. This silver rating means that NetDimensions scored among the Top 13% of companies assessed by EcoVadis across all industry categories. This demonstrates that NetDimensions is a socially responsible company that cares about human rights, fair business practices, and sustainability.

EcoVadis operates the first collaborative platform providing Supplier Sustainability Ratings for global supply chains. It aims to improve environmental and social practices throughout the supply chain. Its sustainability rating platform combines CSR assessment expertise and data management tools to allow several thousand suppliers to demonstrate their sustainability performance in a controlled and objective manner to their (prospective) clients.

In the Computer programming, consultancy and related activities category, NetDimensions scored among the Top 15% of suppliers assessed overall by EcoVadis.

Within this category, NetDimensions’ theme scores among suppliers assessed by EcoVadis are as follows:



The NetDimensions Team and CSR

Since the launch of NetDimensions’ CSR program led by the CSR Committee, we have conducted a number of activities together with our employees that are geared toward making a positive impact in our communities around the world, which we will share with you in the second part of this blog post in May.