Meet the Team: Nancy Dietz, MA.Ed.

Armed with a Masters in Education, 12 years of NetDimensions Talent Suite experience, a passion for helping clients, and her morning cup of coffee (albeit decaf!), Nancy Dietz is NetDimension’s go-to training expert.

When she’s not running the NetDimensions Academy, you might find Nancy spending time with family – ideally far away from the alligator right outside her house!

Let’s get to know Nancy better.

NetDimensions' Head Of Training, Nancy Dietz, in her home office

Describe your role at NetDimensions.

As Head of Training for the LMS product, I am able to combine two passions: teaching and technology. My primary responsibility is to help new clients learn how to use NetDimensions Talent Suite and to help existing clients use NetDimensions Talent Suite more effectively – either by improving their processes or by exploring new functions. I also create all the training resource materials to help support the administrators, whether that’s on-demand training videos or quick reference guides.

Which aspects of working at NetDimensions do you love most?

I love working with an international team. The nuances of each culture reminds me that we may be separated by miles, but are still a close-knit community. I also enjoy that each day will bring a new challenge or triumph.

What is your proudest accomplishment, both personally and professionally?

From a personal viewpoint, my family is my pride and joy! But, another occurred when I was teaching at a local college where many of my students were adults trying to advance themselves from very difficult situations (abuse, etc.). The classes I taught helped them blossom as they learned new skills and build self-confidence in their own abilities.

Professionally, I am proudest when I see a frustrated client have an “aha” moment. It’s at that moment that they’re able to understand how to use the system to solve an organizational need.

What are the four things you can’t work without?

  • Morning coffee (even though it is decaf!)
  • My co-workers in all areas of the business – they are a wealth of knowledge
  • My view from my desk – my home office overlooks a lagoon (complete with a gator)
  • My notebooks – yes, technology is fantastic, but sometimes the written word helps me visualize the end-goalThere's an alligator in the lagoon outside the home office of Nancy Dietz, NetDimensions' Head Of Training

And just for fun, what super-power would you love to have at work?

I want to read minds. In this hectic and digital world, we often forget to communicate. This power would allow me to know what is needed and provide it.

Want to find out how Nancy Dietz and the rest of the NetDimensions team can help your organization? Contact us today.


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