How to create the right learning and talent management ecosystems for your organization

Despite the time and resources organizations are spending on integrating learning and talent management ecosystems, the effort they are investing isn’t always fulfilling expectations.

According to research by Brandon Hall Group, satisfaction with LMS integration has an average rating of just 53% among businesses, even though more than three-quarters of the respondents rated integration capabilities as essential or critical.

A photo of a series of luminous computer cables representing learning and talent management ecosystemsIn terms of dealing with learning technologies providers, organizations rank the provision of integration capabilities above user training, software implementation and many other factors. Achieving successful integration is one of the main reasons why companies go through the arduous process of switching learning providers.

Attracting and integrating talent, developing and supporting new and existing staff, and the use of learning and talent management systems to drive performance produces a huge amount of data and activity.

Without integration between the systems involved, businesses are unable to carry out the crucial process of fully gathering and analyzing what they need to attract, nurture and retain talent. Conversely, when all of an organization’s systems communicate with each other effectively, it’s much easier to build a complete picture of learning performance.

The challenges of creating learning and talent management ecosystems

Poorly connected, disparate systems also impact learners by failing to track their progress.

For example, a system that does not properly record learners’ test scores is likely to lead to a lack of learner confidence when their best efforts are not recognized and recorded.
Fixing this issue through manual data entry can cause data integrity issues and leaves businesses unable to rely on the accuracy of their training records.

Organizations may identify many barriers to integrating their learning systems, including the complexities of integration and competing priorities.

In many cases, the improvised workarounds implemented by companies become a drain on technology budgets, highlighting the time and cost demands of developing custom solutions that result from a lack of integration.

These are a few of the reasons why the need to successfully integrate systems is a pressing one for businesses. So why do organizations tend to struggle with the critical challenge of assembling the right learning and talent management ecosystems for their needs?

A photo of two people looking at a clipboard representing learning and talent management ecosystemsHow to stop your learning and talent management ecosystems from becoming outdated

One of the most common issues is outdated legacy systems. Customizations made by organizations over the years make their systems overcomplicated and inefficient. This leads to the kind of elaborately-adapted systems that Kevin Paschuck, a Vice President at Salesforce, likens to a Frankenstein creation.

While effective ecosystems are joined together and automatically updated through the cloud, archaic systems usually end up several versions behind the latest version.

Having spent a prolonged period of time adding their own customizations, organizations find they are too far down the line to modernize their systems, and become all the more reluctant as the costs of making the changes spiral out of control.

As time passes, organizations facing this problem also find they have fewer and fewer employees who know how to fully work and make changes to their legacy systems.

At NetDimensions, we have been able to help L&D teams understand the level of functionality they were missing out on by relying on these systems.

We have also been able to help them untangle and maintain the latest versions of their systems, or implement much more effective new learning and talent management ecosystems.

A photo of the screen sizes of various mobile devices representing learning and talent management ecosystemsDrive success with the right learning and talent management ecosystems

For organizations looking to support increasingly large, global workforces, learning and talent management ecosystems are an opportunity to boost business goals such as employee productivity and high-quality talent attraction and development.

For example, one multinational company NetDimensions worked with integrated an intuitive learning and talent management system that helped them to:

  • Give employees access to learning from anywhere in the world
  • Enhance data download capabilities during busy hire periods
  • Allow senior managers to comprehensively track employee workflows
  • Manage and build talent in seven different languages


Knowing what you need in learning and talent management ecosystems

Thanks to the variety of solutions in areas such as recruitment, acquisition and workforce management, knowing the right questions to ask vendors can be tricky.

You could start by thinking about the non-typical talent and learning systems that are standard to your business, and then checking that your vendor has the flexibility and API library to connect these.

For example, you might need to integrate systems in order to tie your learning into compliance requirements set by a regulator. Or your assessment systems, such as deciding whether an employee should receive a bonus or promotion, might depend upon being able to monitor whether they have completed certain pieces of training.

The key here is to work with vendors who have experience in connecting ecosystems and can provide the variety of support you are likely to need along the way.

The best vendors have the solutions that can make your integrations seamless, as well as the simplicity of use to integrate software out of the box.

With the right integrations, your learning and talent management ecosystems can be an asset to your workforce and every part of your organization.

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