Meet the Team: Garfield Bolt

NetDimensions’ Inside Sales Representative, Garfield Bolt, enjoys crossing time zones and locations to put his technical and public speaking skills to excellent use. This new resident of Atlanta plays a key role in making sure organizations have their precise needs satisfied by our solutions.

Let’s get to know Garfield better.

A photo of Garfield Bolt smiling

Describe your role at NetDimensions

If anyone told me just a few years ago that I’d be working in Sales, I’d have dismissed the idea. I joined NetDimensions two years ago as a Pre-Sales Solutions Consultant. Following the acquisition by our parent company Learning Technologies Group, I transitioned to the new Inside Sales Representative role.

Here, I am entrusted with being a ‘filter’ during, what is often, the first step of the sales cycle. I assess new leads to ensure that our solution is potentially a good fit for prospects. I do this by assessing their needs against our functionality, all with a focus on the technical aspects of their requirements, and our platform’s capabilities.

Which aspects of working at NetDimensions do you love most?

The dynamic nature of our environment: In my role, there is no single way to define the work environment, and I absolutely love that. Depending on what is required at any given point in time, I might work in the office or remotely. I am often involved in activities that take place in other time zones, which means I could be on a conference call that starts at 10pm or 3am, or I might get up extra early to reach out to leads in Europe. Another favorite part of my job is that I get to travel to industry and company events, like NextSteps. It might sound clichéd, but there’s zero chance of being bored.

Leveraging personal skills: With a professional background in IT, consulting and teaching, my first role in NetDimensions called on all of those skills, while learning about the platform from a technical perspective. Now, in this role, I get the opportunity to leverage all of those skills, along with my love for public speaking.

Agility of our leadership: I love the fact that our leadership moves quickly. I’ve seen major decisions taken in a relatively short time, always with a view to improvements.

What is your proudest accomplishment, both personally and professionally?

I think this manages to be both personal and professional, in a sense. I relocated to the US only three years ago, from my native Jamaica. Despite the challenges of the change on a personal level, I now enjoy calling Atlanta home. I’ve remained dedicated to the process of becoming integrated into a new society, yet maintaining a strong sense of personal identity. I’ve been able to do this while achieving a level of professional success I can be proud of.

What are the four things you can’t work without?

In order of importance:
A great team. Yes, I seriously mean that – I work with really some special folks.
My Mac
A fast Internet connection
My standing desk

And just for fun, what super-power would you love to have at work?

A photo of a miniature iron man
I guess I’d want to be somewhat like a cyborg version of the Iron Man character, but without the need for a suit. I’d enjoy having all that cool tech integrated, yet fly around the world without the hassle of airlines or airports.

Want to find out how Garfield Bolt and the rest of the NetDimensions team can help your organization? Contact us today.


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