NextSteps 2018: Inspiration and insights at our annual conference

NextSteps 2018, NetDimensions’ global user conference, proved a typically insightful day as our collaborators met in London. Here are a few of our highlights…

With guests from all over the world representing a diverse variety of sectors, this year’s conference was a vibrant event packed with great discussions and insights.

During the course of the one-day get-together in London, we heard from thought leaders, learning pioneers, technical experts and L&D specialists.

Together with invaluable insights and success stories, there was a real sense of mutual encouragement and collaboration.

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Global learning that changes lives

Humentum are a global non-profit bringing learning to international development and relief organizations in some of the world’s toughest locations.

Ross Coxon, Humentum’s Director of Learning Collaborative, spoke inspiringly about some of the challenges of providing learning to organizations across 164 countries, ranging from the UK to Bangladesh and India.

In Yemen, bombings and tribal warfare mean day-to-day life is very dangerous for non-governmental organizations. Many international aid organizations have withdrawn from the country.

This means that the ability to access online learning is incredibly important. Learners also need learning systems that are always on, reliable, robust and work with old and new technologies and devices.

Humentum has recorded 64,000 completions of 138 courses in 162 countries, contributing to dramatically improved living standards and a steep reduction in deaths in many countries over recent decades.

Using NetDimensions Talent Suite as an integral single system for their work, Humentum aims to work with a total of 5,000 organizations by 2021 as it continues to change lives.

A photo of a person talking on stage at NetDimensions NextSteps 2018 conference London
Artificial Intelligence and its effect on learning

Another innovator we had the pleasure of hearing from at NextSteps 2018 was Nigel Willson, a Global Strategist at Microsoft.

Mixed reality (MR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and quantum computing will change the way the world works in a few years. Of course, AI – the theme of Nigel’s talk – has already profoundly changed the future of learning. And it’s not just about the robots on factory floors we often hear about from the media.

Most jobs, as we understand them today, are going to change. Robots are less of a threat than failing to adapt. People who don’t embrace technology will be replaced by those who do.

This disruption and change creates great opportunities for learning teams, partly because learning is no longer something that we do as a one-off event or in the earliest stages of a job.

We are now learners all the way through our lives. At Microsoft, Nigel and his colleagues have firmly become a learning organization, and his reflections on deep learning, intelligent software, voice recognition and more were fascinating.

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NextSteps 2018: the breakout sessions

Following a lively panel discussion and a chance to try a VR headset with our partners at PRELOADED, the afternoon sessions offered practical tips and tricks in two breakout rooms.

We looked at report wizards and compliance analysis, how to reinforce learning and the best approaches to meet GDPR requirements.

Gavin Beddow, from our partner company, gomo, explored how to make the most of gomo’s award-winning authoring tool, implement it alongside NetDimensions Talent Suite and utilize microlearning to best effect.

Rose Benedicks has immense knowledge of designing learning ecosystems in her role for our partners at LEO Learning. Rose skilfully explained how to make a compelling business case by connecting an ecosystem to genuine organizational goals and measurable outcomes.

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Turning learning insights into action

Watershed’s Andrew Downes knows all about xAPI and SCORM, and he took a look at how our partners at Rustici Software and Watershed are taking the guesswork out of learning by giving organizations unparalleled potential to turn learning data to their advantage.

Being able to link all of the data from your learning systems on Watershed’s dashboard, he explained, results in actionable data that can make your learning better.

Watershed gives companies a complete view of what’s going on and how training has impacted on performance within their organization.

We share Andrew’s view that L&D is responsible for developing the most important asset organizations have – people. And if we can get better at developing people, then we can improve the world.

All in all, NextSteps 2018 was a great day of shared ideas among our strong community of users. We look forward to continuing to support them throughout the year.

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