NextSteps 2018 in San Diego: Future trends and inspiring stories

Aside from the sunshine, there were plenty of highlights at NextSteps 2018 in San Diego during our annual regional user conference. Clients from a variety of industries shared experiences, best practices, and learned more about the evolution of our core products.

A view of the bay during NextSteps 2018 in San Diego.

The theme of NextSteps 2018 in San Diego was ‘facilitating learning in a connective world”. Our focus was on where the industry is going and how we are going to get there.

With this in mind, we invited a number of technology visionaries to talk about the impact that emerging technologies will have on L&D functions in the future, and all of our speakers provided fascinating insights.

Looking to the future at NextSteps 2018 in San Diego

Amar Dhaliwal, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Atheer, spoke about how enterprises can prepare to seize the possibilities Augmented Reality will offer them.

With decades of experience in providing solutions for some of the world’s largest companies, Amar was in good company.

Guests at NextSteps 2018 in San Diego also heard from Pete Mastin, who does Strategy and Business Development for IBM. Pete is part technologist, business strategist, leader and motivator, and he told us about some of the ways in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) impacts learning.

As well as AI, it was really cool to hear about the power of Virtual Reality during the day. We’re looking forward to connecting with the future of learning through these technologies more.

Making the most of your LMS

Having lots of choices is good, but the number of options available to organizations can make it hard to know which LMS to choose. Many of these systems offer similar features, so deciding which tools will be most useful to you can also be tricky.

As a NetDimensions Senior Solutions Consultant, Ali Zaheer is an expert in helping people understand what features of an LMS will work best for their specific needs. Ali is always keen to explain how customization can provide L&D teams with a truly effective solution.

His talk featured a dozen “cools”– 12 invaluable features and dashboards in Talent Suite, our talent management system for organizations in highly-regulated industries. The result was a range of excellent ideas to help our clients make their learning even more effective.

NetDimensions MD Dale Solomon addresses attendees at NextSteps 2018 in San Diego.
NetDimensions MD Dale Solomon addresses attendees at NextSteps 2018 in San Diego.

Improving learning in humanitarian settings

As a group of relief and development organizations working for positive change worldwide, one of Humentum’s goals is to help people learn in dangerous and war-torn countries.

Global Director Chris Proulx and Ross Coxon, the group’s Director of Learning Collaborative, told us about Humentum’s important training provision that helps individuals to grow.

As we heard, Humentum is giving people access to potentially life-changing programs, despite working in remote areas of the world with low bandwidth.

NetDimensions is helping them to drive performance for more than 30,000 learners and serve some of the world’s poorest people. Together, we are helping organizations in these areas to achieve their missions.

Engaging leaders and extended networks

In our special panel discussion, Al Cornish, Chief Learning Officer at Norton Healthcare, and Anne Ward, Curriculum Development Manager at Hyster-Yale Group, shared success stories and reflections.

One of the largest integrated Healthcare systems in Kentucky, Norton Healthcare’s use of learning is one of the reasons why it is ranked as one of the Best Places to work in IT.

Al explained that the organization’s leadership training, delivered through NetDimensions, ensures that new and existing leaders improve their skills and lead Hyster-Yale Group’s people effectively.

In her talk, Anne gave us an insight into the demands of pushing training out to an extensive dealer network. By using NetDimensions’ extended enterprise function, Anne and her team have engaged and certified workers to sell the organization’s extensive range of industrial equipment.

As she explained, being able to track certification helps to create standardization across independently-owned outlets, as well as driving down internal costs and ensuring consistent messaging.

Celebrating a year of progress at NextSteps 2018 in San Diego

NextSteps 2018 in San Diego was a great chance to meet our clients, exchange ideas and enjoy our gorgeous host city before and after the gathering.

It was a fantastic day, ending with drinks at sunset overlooking the scenic San Diego Bay. We look forward to another productive year of working with our clients to provide world-class solutions. See you at our next event, NextSteps 2018 in London on Monday 11 June.

The NextSteps 2018 in San Diego conference room.

Want to find out more about some of the themes discussed at NextSteps 2018? Discover how NetDimensions can help you to find the right learning solutions for your business. Get in touch today to get started.

Carrie Hancock is Director of Global Sales at NetDimensions.

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