Managing the learner journey with LMS notifications

LMS login notifications can be a great tool to keep your learners on track as they embark on their learning journeys. Find out why in this blog.

What happens when learners fail to complete learning on time?

  • If it’s compliance-related learning, they could be putting your organization at risk of serious penalties.
  • If it’s safety or competency-related learning, they could be putting themselves and their colleagues at risk.

Even if the learning isn’t one of the critical scenarios above, falling behind on training requirements can mean employees aren’t developing the skills they need to thrive in their role, or meet business-critical standards of performance.

LMS login notifications are great for busy professionals

As a learning professional, you’ve invested valuable time and resource in creating learning that will help develop and nurture your employees, as well as keep them compliant with industry regulations.

So how can your LMS help maximize that investment?

LMS notifications are just one key tool that can help keep your learners on track.

Plot learning journeys with LMS login notifications

Today’s learners can face navigating through a crowded learning journey.

Each year, learners often juggle a mix of mandatory and job-specific training, all of which needs to be completed around the demands of their day-to-day role. In addition, the learning may take different forms – online, face-to-face or on-the-job assessments. At different times in the year your learners may have multiple training deadlines.

So it’s not surprising that learners may struggle to keep track of what they need to do and when to complete goals to move to the next stage in their learning journeys.

Little wonder then, that for many L&D teams, it can be time-consuming trying to support learners in these efforts – especially when managing large cohorts of learners.

LMS login notifications are a simple and effective way to set clear markers and boundaries in your learners’ journeys to cut through confusion and ensure learning gets completed at the right time.

What are LMS login notifications?

This screen appears after a learner has logged in to their LMS. Instead of landing on the homepage, they see a simple screen which clearly highlights the actions required.

In NetDimensions’ LMS, you can configure login notifications to show:

1) Expired deadlines
This notification clearly shows learners at a glance when they have missed course deadlines and nudge them to catch up.

2) Behind progress alerts
Behind progress alerts can be used for time-sensitive training, such as onboarding, where learners may have tasks they need to complete over their first six weeks at your organization.

3) Select session reminders
NetDimensions Learning gives learners the flexibility to choose face-to-face sessions that suit them. If a learner has been enrolled in a face-to-face training session and has not yet selected a session, they can be prompted to do so when they log in.

4) Deadlines that block access to other training
When critical learning has to be completed ASAP, this notification has the most impact.
Learners will log in and see the outstanding training they need to complete, but will be blocked from accessing any other training until they complete it.

5) Blocked access to expired training
This notification lets learners know they can no longer access training because the deadline has now passed. You can use this feature to ensure learners only access learning that is still relevant to their learning journey or restrict access to content that may now be out-of-date with current regulations.

lms login notifications are a key feature of NTS

How to use LMS login notifications effectively

Each one of these notifications are a useful tool in managing learning journeys. To maximize the benefits, they should be used in conjunction with other tools in your LMS.

First, it should be easy for learners to see their learning journey and have an at-a-glance overview of the training they need to complete and how it relates to their role.

When learners can see the wider context of their learning, they’re more motivated to continue on that journey. NetDimensions’ LMS features a highly visual Learning Path feature, which clearly communicates a learner’s steps to competency or compliance.

If your LMS supports email reminders, these should also be used to send more gentle ‘nudges’ to access and complete training. In NetDimensions Learning, you can set an escalating scale of reminders too, so that learners can recognize when deadlines to complete training are becoming more critical.

The disadvantage of sending training reminders by email is that they can simply be ignored, forgotten or deleted without reading. That’s why LMS login notifications are a useful feature to clearly communicate deadlines and outstanding tasks to learners.

LMS login notifications keep learners on track

Excited by the potential of LMS login notifications to help manage your learners and keep them on track? Get in touch today to see NetDimensions Learning in action.

If you enjoyed this blog and want to know more about switching to a better LMS, download our free insight ‘How to switch from a legacy system to a new LMS’ here.

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