6 benefits of a modern learning management system

Are you thinking about investing in a Learning Management System? Find out more about the benefits of an LMS in this blog.

If you don’t have a modern LMS at the moment, how are you currently sharing your eLearning?

Are you:

  • Using an Intranet or enterprise social network?
  • Hosting your courses on a cloud-based web server?
  • Still using a legacy LMS but in the most minimal way possible, as the set-up doesn’t match your current requirements?
  • Using a mix of all of the above, with your courses scattered in various places?

These solutions are OK if your key objective is simply delivering courses to your learners.

Considering the benefits of modern learning management systems

But it’s likely that, like many other L&D professionals and Chief Learning Officers, you’re under pressure to prove the business impact of your learning. Or, your learners might be asking for anytime-anywhere learning.

And if you’re in a high-consequence industry, you’ll be concerned about meeting stringent security and compliance regulations, too.

When your requirements start to become more complex, an LMS is likely to be the only solution that can meet your needs.

With that in mind, here are six benefits that Learning Management Systems can deliver over and beyond hosting solutions.

Benefits of modern learning management systems #1: Hosting options

The main advantage with a modern LMS is that it gives you a choice in how to deliver your learning.

With an LMS like NetDimensions Learning, you can either host your learning on the cloud with SaaS hosting solutions or install an on-premise LMS that sits on a server within your organization. Both of these approaches have different benefits, so having the flexibility to decide on the best solution for your organization is vital.

Benefits of modern learning management systems #2: Mobile-ready

If you’re not hosting your learning on a modern LMS, then it’s unlikely you’ll have the ability to offer a mobile learning experience that meets your learners’ needs and expectations.

Today’s LMSs can deliver exceptional mobile learning that provides a great user experience for your learners whatever device they’re viewing it on.

Another key benefit is that a mobile LMS makes learning much easier to access. Instead of having to log on to the company Intranet at their desk, learners can simply use an app to access their learning and even download it so they can view it offline at a more convenient time.

NetDimensions Talent Slate can provide learners with easy, elegant access to learning on the go.

Modern learning management systems benefit mobile learning

Benefits of modern learning management systems #3: Enhanced security

There’s no doubt that enhanced security is one major reason why organizations opt for an LMS.

While highly regulated industries have historically had security concerns about cloud-based applications, a single tenant cloud-based LMS can offer security features that can meet even the most stringent of regulations.

For example, NetDimensions’ LMS is ISO 27001 certified and offers:

  • Multiple data centers in key locations worldwide
  • Client data compartmentalization to address data privacy controls
  • Transactional security
  • Encryption of data at rest
  • Regular penetration testing (also known as a pen test)


Benefits of modern learning management systems #4: Compliance

Many highly-regulated industries have complex compliance requirements. To prove compliance, organizations will need to keep training records up-to-date and ready for audits and inspections.A compliance-focused LMS can make this task faster and more efficient. For example, in NetDimensions Learning, electronic records are updated in real time, ensuring your organization can be ‘inspection ready’ and meet electronic records requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11.

Benefits of modern learning management systems #5: Analytics

Learning analytics is a huge focus area for L&D right now. An LMS will provide you with the capabilities to implement data gathering and reporting across all of your learning.

Today’s best LMSs feature analytics that are built into the platform. NetDimensions Learning, for example, can generate xAPI (Tin Can or Experience API) statements and write them to an integrated Learning Record Store (LRS). This provides data on a multitude of learner activity in one centralized place.

By hosting your learning on a single platform you can standardize your data gathering efforts and have easy access to the data you need to demonstrate the impact your learning solutions are having.

Benefits of modern learning management systems #6: Scalability

An LMS should grow as you grow. With the right LMS, you won’t need to worry about future requirements such as new locations or increasing numbers of users.

Scalability is an important LMS feature because it can impact on the performance of your organization as a whole. If you can’t deliver learning efficiently, then employee performance can suffer. Alongside that, efforts at keeping your organization compliant may also be affected.

An LMS like NetDimensions Learning can support your organizations as it grows and give you the flexibility to add the latest features and functionality to support your learning programs.

Modern learning management systems can benefit your learners
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