NetDimensions Talent Slate 2.5 – what’s new?

At NetDimensions, our technical team is passionate about adding new capabilities to our products and giving you even more value in Talent Slate, NetDimensions’ acclaimed native mobile application for high-consequence industries.

As part of this ambition, we’re excited to tell you about the latest improvements to our award-winning app for mobile phones and tablets, which now includes additional online features and more offline functions.

One of the reasons why NetDimensions Talent Slate has consistently been recognised as one of the world’s best learning apps is our commitment to continually improving the experience for our users.

In our latest version, Talent Slate 2.5, we’ve enhanced the flexibility of the app and introduced several new features to help you offer even more in your mobile learning and on-the-job performance support.

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Let’s tell you a bit more about what it offers.

Online learning enhancements in Talent Slate 2.5

The ability to learn both online and offline is one of the key benefits of Talent Slate, because it gives learners the capability to accumulate knowledge wherever and whenever it suits them.

Previously, it was necessary to download learning modules to a device before launching them in the app. In Talent Slate 2.5, learners can launch these modules directly from Talent Slate without downloading them, making things more convenient for users who have a reliable Internet connection.

This new feature also allows learners to access Talent Slate modules that are not downloadable, as well as module types that are not otherwise supported by Talent Slate when they are offline.

A one-stop shop for learning

The new version of NetDimensions Talent Suite, version 13.2, arrived with a wealth of new features when it launched in November 2017. Users will now be able to take advantage of another major benefit.

As long as you’re connected to 13.2, you’ll be able to easily access a learning module’s Knowledge Center directly from the learning module detail view. As existing users will know, each Knowledge Center is a one-stop shop where learners can access everything they need to get the most out of their training, including resources, opportunities to collaborate with their peers, forums moderated by subject matter experts and much more.

This is unique to NetDimensions users, who would have to visit different pages for these features in other learning management systems. As ever, you’ll also enjoy a high level of configurability within each Knowledge Center.

Offline learning and randomized testing

Drab and predictable assessments run the risk of lower success and retention rates among your learners and a sub-standard training experience for everyone.

That’s why NetDimensions offers an impressive variety of ways to mix up your tests, including randomization of multiple choices, question orders and the selection chosen from a question pool.

Questions can be prioritized according to what you want to test your learners on most, and you can allocate attributes and tags to ensure that the most appropriate questions are selected.

Previously, your learners wouldn’t have been able to download exams that contained randomized question sections – but Talent Slate 2.5 changes that.

Providing you’re working in Talent Suite 13.2, you can now securely access these exams with or without an Internet connection. This means your exams will be focused and challenge your learners, even if they’re taking a course offline.

NetDimensions Talent Slate 2.5 allows mobile learning on all mobile devices including smartphones

Pop-up functionality

While we don’t recommend the use of browser pop-up windows in courses, we understand that they are necessary for some of our users and in certain instances.

We want to meet everyone’s requirements, so Talent Slate 2.5 includes complete access to pop-up window content, which was not supported in the previous version. Adding support for these brings closer parity between the capabilities of the course player in Talent Slate and those of a conventional web browser.

Look out for further upgrades

Here at NetDimensions, we understand that having best-in-breed solutions is critical to the success of our clients.

We are always looking to extend the breadth of Talent Slate’s offering, and we encourage our users to keep in touch through our Client Services Portal, user groups, our annual user conference Next Steps, the online knowledge-sharing wiki, and other events and channels. Look out for more Talent Slate upgrades to help keep you at the cutting edge of mobile learning.

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To find out more about Talent Slate 2.5 and how it can help your organization, contact us today.

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