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Meet the Team: Scott Tompkins

Scott Tompkins is passionate about a lot of things. From mobile learning solutions to looking after an awesome team of developers and even helping the FBI catch a hacker, NetDimensions’ Mobile Development Manager has some fascinating stories to tell.

Let’s get to know Scott better.

Describe your role at NetDimensions

As Mobile Development Manager, my primary responsibility is a very hands-on role managing development of our cross-platform native mobile product, Talent Slate. I’ve also been spotted responding to support tickets, or supporting any arm of the company with queries related to mobile, general software or life.

Which aspects of working at NetDimensions do you love most?

I love the fact that this company appreciates and fosters innovation, and is historically receptive to input. Talent Slate exists because I had an idea that Management liked, and gave me the chance to prototype.

I also really like the opportunity to work with some of the smartest people I’ve ever known (although the opportunities to travel and visit my team in Hong Kong periodically are a close second!).

What is your proudest accomplishment, both personally and professionally?

Beyond the great pride I take in my wife and family, my proudest personal achievement is, without a doubt, ‘tricking’ someone into paying me to write software for a living. I’m also proud of pro bono software I have written to support local food distribution charities.

Professionally, I love seeing the many reputable companies benefiting from the work of my team.

Fun fact: my first job in software was a freelance gig to help a local advertising company finish the LAPD website. During this time (though it isn’t ‘officially’ publicly documented anywhere), I assisted the FBI in locating a hacker responsible for defacing the D.A.R.E. America website, after chatting with him in an IRC chatroom.

What are the four things you can’t work without?

Just for fun, what superpower would you love to have at work?

I’d have to go with the ability to freeze time. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Scott at the 2017 NextSteps conference in New Orleans

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