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Meet the Team: Carrie Hancock

As Sales Director covering the North America territory, Carrie Hancock loves demonstrating the power of NetDimensions’ award-winning LMS. When she’s not in the office or meeting clients, adrenalin-loving Carrie mom is a proud mom of two sons.

Let’s get to know Carrie better.

What does your role entail?

As Sales Director, I am responsible for selling the NetDimensions LMS to new clients throughout the US and Canada.

Which aspects of working at NetDimensions do you love most?

I love to work in an environment that is energetic with people who engage all-in to help the company and product succeed. My experience with my team members at NetDimensions has been just that.

What is your proudest accomplishment, both personally and professionally?

Personally, of course, it is raising my two boys to be compassionate, strong, self-confident and responsible young adults.

Professionally, it would be managing the global launch the 32G MicroSpinal Catheter. At that time it was the smallest spinal anesthesia catheter in the world.

What are the four things you can’t work without (and why)?

My laptop, cellphone, Internet, and a great boss who empowers me to make decisions necessary to get the job done. In sales, to be successful I need to be connected and responsive to my clients and prospects. Having all of these four things is critical to my everyday work life and success.

And just for fun, what superpower would you love to have at work?

Power mimicry. I would mimic the fantastic minds of several key team members in engineering, product development and sales consultants.

Carrie is an adrenalin junkie in her free time. Here she is trying out ziplining.

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