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HR Executive Technology Conference: exciting trends and new connections

NetDimensions had an amazing week at the Human Resource Executive Technology Conference and Exposition (or HR Tech as it’s often called) in Las Vegas, where nearly 400 HR technology product and service providers came together to share ideas and showcase their areas of expertise.

We were very happy to be able to participate in some of the incredible conversations on innovation in the talent and learning space, with the discussions ranging from curation to the invisible learning platform. There were even HR Tech Pub Crawls and special guided tours to help everyone negotiate the impressive range of products and technologies at this year’s event.

At the NetDimensions booth, we welcomed many partners, customers and visitors looking for solutions. We enjoyed having them stop by to take in the incredible flexibility of the NetDimensions system, and the people we met were really excited at the capabilities we can offer to manage competencies, skin and the user interface of portals.

A complete compliance solution

It was also a great opportunity to discuss and demonstrate how we manage compliance better than anyone in the world. Organizations of all sizes have to face the challenge of compliance issues, but NetDimensions makes it quick and easy to access and report on real-time electronic records, creating proactive compliance reporting. As our guests discovered, NetDimensions offers the most effective and efficient solutions for organizations who want to be inspection-ready.

We were particularly excited to launch our new integration with the market-leading authoring tool from our partner company, gomo, which will save L&D teams hours of work by allowing them to publish gomo courses directly to the NetDimensions LMS.

This development is a result of cutting-edge engineering teams from NetDimensions and gomo being united by Learning Technologies Group plc, and HR Tech was the perfect place to give people a first glimpse of the results they can achieve by combining our award-winning platforms.

We were able to show off how easy it is to create a beautiful eLearning course in gomo and then select the NetDimensions publishing option to enable a seamless integration. We’ve achieved this through PENS (Package Exchange Notification Services), a publishing process supported by NetDimensions and gomo which allows one-click publishing from an authoring tool to an LMS.

Analytics made easy

From the first keynote speech by Laszlo Bock, who used to be the SVP of People Operations at Google, it also became clear that some of the most memorable areas of focus at this year’s event would be around advancements in analytics.

At NetDimensions, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and helping organizations take their analytics to the next level, so this theme was particularly interesting for us.

Laszlo talked about how the mantra at Google bases every decision on people analytics. There were also some great comments about how consumption and expectations of users have changed.

My favorite quote was that employees are looking for the “buttery experience of consumer apps” in every way when they interact with systems today. They expect a super-high quality experience with their systems, just as we have come to expect from consumer apps.

Emerging learning trends

What was very interesting to see is how many new technologies there are out there looking to solve different challenges in different ways across the changing world of talent and learning.

Among the other exciting trends to watch, I noticed an emphasis on further enhancements in mobile and next-generation tools that treat learning like marketing campaigns.

The most interesting messaging I heard was around the evolution to the ‘invisible” learning platform. Organizations are looking to vendors to provide solutions that are integrated into their ecosystem of tools so much that the system itself is invisible to the learner.

That message resonated strongly with me, as we have been doing exactly that with clients for years by supplying a robust API framework that has allowed organizations to integrate portals, widgets, gadgets and mobile delivery to get learning to their people at the right time in the right place.

To find out more about how your organization can benefit from the solutions NetDimensions highlighted at the conference, contact us today.

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