A serious look at LMS scalability

If you manage learning programs for your organization, chances are you already know us. NetDimensions offers Learning Management Systems (LMS) solutions that are quick to implement –  with more deployment and licensing options than any other provider – and with typically lower costs. Our security solutions are ‘Best in Class’ and our user interface is dynamically adjustable, responsive and based on your organization and its preferences. But have you looked at our LMS scalability? We’re talking big numbers.

NetDimensions LMS scalability means the software grows as the business' needs grow

The NetDimensions LMS grows as you grow.

It’s highly scalable, whether you’re using a cloud-based SaaS or an on-premise solution. If you want to start with a smaller program and ramp up, NetDimensions Learning can scale to very large numbers – literally hundreds of thousands of users.

You’ve heard the word a million times, but what is “scalability” anyway?

Scalability describes the trait that allows a software solution to handle increased loads of work. This can be larger data sets, higher request rates or a combination of size and velocity.

In recent years, scale has become a factor of increasing importance for software solutions. Let’s take a look at why.The scale of a system has three dimensions:

  • Numerical: the number of users of the system, and the number of objects and services encompassed
  • Geographical: the distance over which the system is scattered. For more on geographical LMS scalability, check out this Fugro success story.
  • Administrative: the number of organizations that exert control over pieces of the system

The three dimensions of scale affect the components of a system. Examples of components  are naming, authentication, authorization, accounting, communication, the use of remote resources, and the mechanisms by which users view the system.

So LMS scalability is the ability of one or all of these dimensions to adapt over time to changes. And although the adaptations can go either up or down, we usually think of them in terms of growth, or “scaling out.”

A solution that can scale out can handle larger loads more cost-effectively

A business can use the word “scalability” to describe its own adaptability in terms of documentation, distribution channels or specialized equipment.As that business grows, it continues to try and meet market demands. But the market shifts and changes, and resources become more or less available. To remain competitive when the market declines, a business must be able to change and adapt. That’s the bad news.

So what happens when the business grows?

Growth in business = more customers, more data and more resources

If your organization is unprepared to handle these increases, you lose efficiency, customer service outreach and product quality. Financially speaking, scalability is critical.

If you manage learning programs for your organization, you already know you must be careful with the resources you have and optimize your ROI. If you choose a technology system that can support 100,000 employees, you won’t have to worry about replacing that system when you approach the halfway mark of 50,000. You’re working in a scalable way, protecting your organization’s investment.

Business people group happy showing teamwork and joining hands after completing a successful LMS scalability project

Scalability influences how you approach your system design, equipment purchases and even hiring

Scalability contributes to competitiveness, efficiency, reputation and quality. And if you manage training for a small business, you will want to be especially mindful of scalability for two reasons:

  • You have the biggest growth potential
  • You need to maximize the ROI of your resources

At NetDimensions, we grow as you grow. With LMS scalability such an important factor for software solutions, we offer all the functionality you need to implement, manage and execute enterprise learning programs – whether you are based in one location or have employees around the globe.
If you’d like to find out more about NetDimensions’ scalable LMS solutions, get in touch today!

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