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[Webinar Recording] Transforming your learning strategy with a mobile LMS

Our latest webinar featured Scott Tompkins, NetDimensions’ Mobile Development Manager, and Garfield Bolt, NetDimensions’ Inside Sales Representative, providing their insights on the role of mobile devices in an effective eLearning strategy.

Since you can pretty much count on all your employees owning some form of portable technology, it’s important that they have the ability to access eLearning on their preferred mobile device. If you haven’t already, it’s time to shift your focus to an LMS with mobile capability.

Webinar overview

Scott and Garfield open the webinar acknowledging that there are considerable challenges surrounding mobile learning. Most organizations understand why having a mobile element to their eLearning strategy is important; however, a large number of these organizations consider the barriers towards achieving this to be too significant.

Scott explains why having an effective way to deliver content across all mobile platforms may seem “idealistic,” but is actually quite realistic – even for highly-regulated industries. He emphasizes why adopting a “mobile first” mentality is key; it’s easiest to configure content for all devices when you start with mobile design.

As well as practical advice for L&D professionals, Scott offers real-life examples of highly-regulated corporations that have implemented effective mobile eLearning strategies. As the webinar goes onto explain, the task of establishing a robust mobile strategy for clients and employees is not as daunting as it might initially seem.

For a webinar recording, visit this link. To read the full script of the post-webinar Q&A, click here.