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“Transforming your learning strategy with a mobile LMS” webinar Q&A

Thank you to everyone who attended our live webinar on the topic of mobile elearning strategies (and, if you weren’t able to attend our live presentation, you can find a recording here.) We appreciate when attendees ask questions following our presentations.

Below are the questions and answers that surfaced immediately following our latest webinar. If you have any follow-up questions, please contact us.

Q: We already have an LMS. How can we implement features mentioned in the presentation?

A: I’m not sure what aspect of the presentation you’re specifically referring to, but the content development strategies demonstrated by the gomo tool are LMS agnostic and are not specific to NetDimensions Talent Suite.

Q:  What functionality do you support that allows learner-to-learner social learning interaction?

A: We are actually planning to beef up the learner-to-learner social aspect of NetDimensions Talent Suite in future versions. Besides what we have on our roadmap for social and collaborative features, we already support functions such as file sharing, comments, and knowledge centers. There is a mode of social interaction included in all of these.

Q: Can you tell us something  about how mobile offline usage gets tracked?

A: We currently don’t have analytics on when and how your users use Talent Slate. While this is potentially useful for our own marketing purposes, we decided early on that it would be a mistake for privacy reasons to report app usage analytics to any third party. We are, however, looking into enabling some kind of limited visibility moving forward.

Other offline-capable content types, such as a user’s interactions in SCORM/AICC learning modules, exams, supervisor assessments or task approvals, are all reported when the application returns to an online state. All related actions, including when timestamps occurred, are reported back to your NetDimensions Talent Suite instance.

To learn more about offline learning, take a look at gomo’s ebook, “How to meet the challenges of offline learning.”

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