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What can a mobile LMS do for you?

While smartphones and tablets continue their rise towards ubiquity, the myriad benefits of adopting a mobile LMS have not yet been universally understood. Mobile working is hugely prevalent across all industries, bringing with it new demands and a number of challenges for organizations looking to provide learning on the go.

In a new Insight from NetDimensions, we look at the benefits of a mobile LMS for your organization. The Insight explains why a mobile LMS can save you time, money and hassle while helping you to build knowledge across your workforce, meet your L&D goals and stay ahead of the competition.

Building a teamwork experience

Almost half of all organizations in the US are now using mobile learning, with the remainder falling behind the curve and missing out on everything mobile solutions have to offer.

Cloud-based applications, for example, are playing a key role in transforming training from the old-fashioned image of uninspiring, standalone quizzes to a truly collaborative experience for learners across a company, giving everyone the opportunity to share and collaborate on training programs.

Learners can go at their own pace, building their skills and knowledge when and where it suits them best.

Secure LMS learning

As the Insight explains, some of the major organizations which have built successful learning programs with NetDimensions offer seamless support to employees who might only be able to access information remotely or from a mobile device.

A key part of this is providing “just-in-time” support, so that employees can access knowledge precisely when they need it during their work.

What’s more, a mobile LMS gives you enhanced security, storing all your learning data ultra-securely without the significant in-house demands of keeping everything on internal storage systems.

Persuading learners to come back

The Insight will give you some key tips on making your system accessible and enticing to learners, including how to create an attractive interface and provide core functionality.

There are all sorts of cost savings to be made, too: an LMS reduces the need for expensive off-site training, and the automation of compliance training records gives organizations the confidence of being inspection-ready without the need for complex, company-wide reviews.

The Millennial question

If you over-complicate things, learners are less likely to engage with your content. This is particularly true given that Millennials, who are used to learning on smartphones and tablets, are expected to make up half of the global workforce by 2020.

In a poll about the learning experiences that hold this group’s attention, our partners at LEO discovered that Millennials respond best to bite-sized learning. Fortunately, a mobile LMS perfectly places organizations to provide microlearning.

Millennials aren’t known for their loyalty to employers, so retaining the talent of the future will mean stimulating employees with inspiring learning programs. It’s also about offering the flexibility for them to expand their knowledge – and build their CV – when it suits them.

Winning returns – whatever size your business

Implementing robust and scalable mobile-friendly learning systems, such as NetDimensions LMS solutions, will future-proof your organization. It’s an investment for the future, with highly accurate metrics allowing you to track your learning programs every step of the way.

Want to know more? Get the free Insight now and find out how NetDimensions can help you achieve learning success.