Building a Successful Workplace for the 2020s

This guest blog post by Jeremy Blain was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse as part of a week-long series of blog posts featuring the five drivers for success as we head to the 2020s workplace, according the white paper “5 Key Drivers to Build a Successful Workplace for the 2020s” published by Cegos Asia Pacific.

Driver #2 of 5: Impact of Technology
Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution — digitization of work, communication, collaboration, learning, life…

Considering an increasingly remote and potentially independent workforce of the near future, 83% of respondents believe that as Gen Z enter the workforce they will require and will demand far greater peer connectivity using mobile devices.

Technology remains at the heart of modern business, and is playing an increasingly important role in how we connect with clients and associates alike.

Respondents told us they are already preparing for the changes that come with new technology; many believing that our working practices will become more automated over time.

Technology Now

We asked a group of business, learning and HR leaders how their organizations were using / benefiting from new technologies, enabling greater efficiency of and effectiveness within their workforce.

Their top 5 outputs were:

  • Increasingly using mobile devices to learn and carry out workday tasks.
  • Creating online social communities to access up-to-date information.
  • Using file sharing technology to increase efficiencies in the office and for greater remote working accessibility.
  • Owning enterprise systems like HRMS and LMS to manage more closely compliance and to measure success across managers and their teams.
  • Enabling community-based learning, both formally and informally, to encourage self-owned action and speedy impact on the business measurables.


A Call to Action

We asked our expert group to suggest actions organizations can take now to better leverage technology in the workplace.

Some of their outputs shared:

  • Invest in greater digitization of traditional ways of working and learning – it will provide greater flexibility, increased peer to peer connectivity and be lighter on the pocket in the medium term.
  • Use virtual technologies to develop immersive collaboration, work and training tools for remote team working, group skills building – exploiting existing tech such as web based spaces, webinars, virtual online classes and self-owned communities, such as Yammer.
  • Leaders should set an example, by becoming early adopters of new technologies, and encouraging others to do the same; making use of tech-savvy Gen Y employees.
  • Developing the future leaders of the organization now with the new skills they need to lead and manage in an increasingly remote, digital workplace/space, where the need for collaboration and communication will be ever greater. Using appropriate technologies to fuel the solution and tech-savvy leaders and managers to drive it.

By embracing all that new technology has to offer, work, collaboration, communication and learning can be more flexible, adaptable and relevant to the changing needs of the workplace.

We curated further out-of-the-box new thinking from our group of experts and you can check out three creative ways to leverage technology for work and learning from page 15 of the detailed survey report. Download your free copy here.


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jeremy-blainJeremy Blain
Regional Managing Director, Cegos Asia Pacific

Jeremy has 14 years experience in the industry as a managing director, partner, trainer, coach and program author. Jeremy is a frequent international conference speaker and media commentator on topics related to the global L&D market. Themes include: the leadership and management challenges for global organisations as they head to the next workplace shift in the 2020s, the integration of emerging and informal learning technologies; the importance of performance measurement and proving ROI; developing ‘core’ commercial skills to achieve competitive business advantage; and more.

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