If your SaaS provider is just as good as LinkedIn, you’re in trouble

I have to say, recently I feel like anything but the life of the party. Security, data privacy, due care and related legal requirements — these are not fun issues. HR executives sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to avoid even talking about these things. Eyes glaze over. Subjects change. Comments like, “Let IT handle it,” or “The risk management folks will sort it out,” get bandied about.

People in the HR world generally don’t want to get up to speed on security competencies. But with LinkedIn getting hacked, things have changed. We all need to be paying attention.

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  1. Going into SaaS from an on-premise setup requires research, planning and a dry run. Carefully choosing which SaaS provider suits best your company is a requirement as well. Make sure that before you invest into a SaaS provider that you know well its background and credibility, its platform, program and policies, and customer reviews or satisfaction rates. Consult the experts on your company or SaaS support teams (e.g. Lirik – http://lirik.io/) as well about the move you are planning.

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