Cross-over potential?

There is a lovely post at TNW (The Next Web) on how open resource initiatives are putting first-rate academic teaching online for free.

You can find it here.

It got me thinking — it would be easy to incorporate some of this free material in corporate courseware and offer it via LMS catalogues. We have a publishing technology we call The Courseware Manager in our LMS which allows users to easily mix and match content inside a SCORM wrapper. It would be child’s play to bundle some of the open academic resources with company specific content and testing.

It’s an interesting idea. I wonder how many companies are doing things like this.


  1. Hi Jay,

    I would like to be able to share (free) content like TED/YouTube/blogs etc via EKP. Would be Nice if (certain) studente can also add content. Discussions around THE subjects should be possible etc?

    I am interested in your thoughts about that and possibilities in EKP in the future (which we are using)

  2. Bouke, you can certainly incorporate just about any kind of video all over EKP, including video from TED, Youtube and other sources. Simply use the embed tags to add video to news articles, or add the URL links to Knowledge Centers or put the video in as pages in The Courseware Manager.

    If you use video in Courseware Manager courses, you can add pre- and post-knowledge check questions and voila, as if by magic, you have a full course.

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