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The value of your personal networks

Great quote today from Stephen Downes via his email alert and website Stephen’s Web:

“Your network gives you ideas, not answers, and people who follow only the gurus tend to be . . . followers.”

Love him or not (and I do love him — unapologetic straight shooter that he is), Stephen is worth listening to. He always has something to say.

In this post Stephen takes issue with Seth Godin’s latest bloggy channeling of (I think) Richard Florida, who is in turn promulgating somewhat academic theories around the idea of urban elitist perfectibility in real time and in real places whereas Godin thinks it’s at least partly an exercise that can be carried out individually and online.

Downes thinks Godin is drinking Kool-aid, several flavors in fact.

Whatever you think of the positions, the conversation is key and provides a much needed context for all of the talk in the performance support world about social media and learning.

No answers from me — just questions . . . like: