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The NetDimensions Difference

NetDimensions is the only talent management vendor focused on delivering integrated talent management solutions to global organisations in high-consequence industries where operational and compliance requirements are complex and critical to continuity of business operations.

NetDimensions Talent Suite is

100% NetDimensions
Integrated talent management system

Many talent management vendors have been affected by market consolidation and acquired – some more than once. NetDimensions Talent Suite is our own technology, developed organically in-house.

Ready to Comply
integrated talent management software

NetDimensions Talent Suite provides e-signatures, audit reporting, and detailed analytics to help you meet regulatory requirements and pro-actively manage the people side of compliance.

In the Cloud or On Premise
integrated talent management suite

Clients can choose to deploy NetDimensions Talent Suite on premise behind their firewall or via our Secure SaaS cloud option in world-class, ISO 27001-certified facilities.

Highly Scalable
integrated talent management solution

NetDimensions Talent Suite has been shown to scale to over 500,000 users and is currently serving clients with 100,000 users in a single environment.

Truly Global
Truly Global

NetDimensions Talent Suite comes with more than 40 languages, selectable by the user.

Open and Agile
integrated talent management

The NetDimensions SDK (Software Development Kit) enables organisations to integrate talent management functionality into websites, portals, external applications, and mobile devices.

integrated talent system

A third of the global workforce is already mobile! Contrary to most providers that require additional delivery technology for mobility, NetDimensions comes with a comprehensive set of mobile solutions.

No Client Left Behind
No Client Left Behind

With our "no client left behind" pledge, NetDimensions integrates client customisations into a single source code and moves them forward to new product releases without any hidden costs for our clients.

Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement

As an ISO 9001-certified company, we embrace a culture of continuous improvement. Clients' investments will continue to be useful not only today but also into the future.

Fully Integrated Technology
Fully Integrated Technology

Our workforce management solutions rely on a single, enterprise grade, organically developed enterprise learning software platform that provides clients with an integrated approach.

Dedicated to Client Success

The NetDimensions team is committed to helping you meet your talent management challenges. Our team of experts stay abreast of changes in compliance regulations and monitor key industry trends to help your organization quickly adapt to change and thrive. But don’t take our word for it - discover what clients and analysts are saying about us.

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