Online assessments to track workforce readiness

Assessing Knowledge in High-Consequence Environments

In high-consequence industries, the ability to effectively assess knowledge and understanding of compliance requirements and Standard Operating Procedures is of paramount importance. Forward-thinking organizations are transitioning from a re-active, checkbox-centered compliance approach, to a pro-active, knowledge-based & workforce-readiness one.

Key questions to ask about conducting high-stakes online assessments

knowledge assessment support

Does your LMS support knowledge assessments?

assessment workflow process

Can you easily configure the assessment workflow process?

personalize assessment experience

Can you easily personalize the user experience?

meet your business metrics

Are reporting & analytics at par with your business metrics?

cost for a separate exam platform

Are you incurring ongoing costs for a separate exam & assessment platform?

Are you ready to take advantage of a centralized online assessments solution?

Why NetDimensions Exams

  • A robust, sophisticated exam authoring and delivery environment
  • Available as a standalone or part of NetDimensions Learning
  • Developed to meet the demanding requirements of talent and compliance assessments in high-stakes situations
  • Sophisticated security and audit tracking features to ensure all certification and assessments are successfully conducted
  • Extends the capability of ordinary online assessment authoring to accurately measure employee competency and to certify all necessary compliance requirements are met

Key Features

  • Optimized for authoring, scheduling, delivering, tracking, and reporting different kinds of assessments
  • Role-based security to restrict access to assessments, assessment pools, questions, and question pools.
  • Sophisticated network location security and access code security with optional levels for workflow access during the exam management process
  • Create multiple assessments with templates based on question pools
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Support both online and paper-based assessments
  • Automatic Exemption Policies feature to tailor training to each individual learner

Recognized as a Leader

Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Learning
core leader in LMS
Unique Provide of Learning Management System case study
BHG Silver compliance badge

"Compliance Training"

BHG gold TMS badge

"Integrated Talent Management"

"Best Assessment Tool"

"2013 Codie Finalist"

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