Social Learning

Collaborative teams achieve greater success

Social learning and collaboration tools enhance both formal and informal learning programmes by improving learner engagement and drive greater knowledge retention.

The convergence of formal and informal learning

High-performing organisations take a social learning approach that merges formal and informal learning. They strive to not only meet formal training requirements, but to also provide a platform that encourages the exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge across the enterprise.

NetDimensions Talent Suite supports a variety of built-in social learning features via the platform's Knowledge Centers, including:

on-demand learning

On-demand access to learning reference resources

social learning

Learner-generated content via programme ratings and comments

social learning LMS

Knowledge sharing via discussion forums and document repositories

social learning management system

People search to find and communicate
with subject matter experts

lms for social learning

Communities of practice based on
learning groups

Our Solutions for Social Learning

The Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center is a one-stop-shop where learners can access everything they need to get the most out of their training.

They can find course reference materials, upload and download assignments in the file sharing area, discuss course topics in the forums, use the notepad while studying, contact their instructor or other members in their learning group, and much more.

It is highly configurable; you may turn on and off tabs so that the center contains only items that are relevant to the course.

The Knowledge Center

Social Learning Wiki

NetDimensions Talent Suite offers out-of-the-box integration with Atlassian Confluence, an enterprise Wiki used by over 40,000 organisations. This integration embeds social learning into a state-of-the-art platform for knowledge creation, sharing, and collaboration.

Confluence Wiki integration utilises Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication and automates the creation of spaces, user groups, and access control for learning programmes.

Social Platform Integration

NetDimensions SDK, available with all NetDimensions Talent Suite solutions, provides a well-defined set of APIs and widgets to allow secure and flexible integrations with third-party social platforms, including WordPress and BuddyPress content management and social networking systems.

Forum Functionality

Share ideas, comments and contribute to the development of best practices. NetDimensions Talent Suite forum functionality allows you to add pictures, YouTube videos and file attachments directly to forum posts.

Forum Functionality
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