Extended Enterprise LMS

Customised learning experiences across customer, partner and channel networks

Engaging learning experiences to suppliers & distribution channel

Do you need to provide engaging learning experiences to your supply and distribution networks?

deliver effective training to value chain

Are you able to deliver effective compliance training to the whole value chain?

learning portal with different branding

Do you need to create learning portals with different branding?

control consistency and quality training

How do you control consistency and quality of training across all channels?

track compliance and proper operating procedures

Are you able to track compliance and make sure that proper operating procedures are followed?

consistent compliance reporting

How do you obtain consistent compliance reporting throughout all channels?

multi-languages global training

Do you need to deliver training to geographically distributed participants in many languages globally?

Gain the Competitive Advantage with Extended Enterprise Training

Gain the Competitive Advantage with Extended Enterprise Training
Spread the Love - Extend Learning Beyond Your Enterprise

Spread the Love - Extend Learning Beyond Your Enterprise

David Wentworth, Principal Analyst, Learning & Development, Brandon Hall Group

Extended Enterprise LMS: Unique Features

Compliance management for staff, external suppliers and partners

Manage all (staff, external suppliers and partners) training records using one system.

Reduce the long-term costs of non-compliance by making compliance training a daily routine for management and employees. Best-in-class organisations are moving from a reactive approach to compliance to a proactive one.

Be prepared for compliance audits and have training records always ready for inspection by using the efficient centralised reporting tools for a complete view of the whole extended enterprise.

Learning Portals
Customized multi languages learning portal

Manage training centrally to keep quality consistent. The delivery of training, licensing and certification programmes to external channels increases partner, supplier, dealer, distributor and customer satisfaction and product usage.

Access the system from all over the world, in 40 languages. Create customised learning portals for different users and brands across extended enterprise and integrate with 3rd party systems.

NetDimensions Talent Suite is a flexible system, with customisations for complex environments. The system offers an open set of APIs that allow for easy integration of talent and learning functionality into any website, portal, or enterprise application. In addition, NetDimensions offers full set of services to help you customise the solution for your environment.

eCommerce elearning management capabilities

The eCommerce learning management capabilities within NetDimensions Talent Suite allow organisations to offer clients, partners or distributors the ability to purchase training-related activities within the learning management system. It includes also cost accounting management, which tracks, records and analyses training-related costs.

NetDimensions' LMS eCommerce capabilities enable organisations to:

  • Make bulk pre-purchases and thus enjoy group discounts for training
  • Allow the organisation to pre-pay for specific training for its members
  • Make payments online, through one of several payment gateway options
  • Purchase a set of tokens for employees or members, who may, in turn, draw from the organisation's pool of tokens to enroll in courses
  • Allow users to present a coupon and be automatically enrolled in the course with the coupon payment scheme
  • Certify partner, franchise, supplier, distributor and contractor knowledge
Performance management
for contingent workforce
Performance management for contingent workforce

Focus on employees across the value chain to make sure they are fully skilled to take productivity on high levels. Offer flexible and personalised learning experiences to engage employees.

Design competency-based employee development and career plans and create personalised learning paths to close skill gaps.

NetDimensions Talent Suite offers integrated learning and talent management to support career development and succession planning.

NetDimensions Performance provides hierarchical competency modeling and assessments, dynamic goal management and performance appraisals, career and succession planning, and talent reporting.

Extended Enterprise Learning Success Stories

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Extended Enterprise Training

Learn about NetDimensions' solutions for external training initiatives such as channel training to
partners, suppliers, and distributors.

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