Certification & Licensing

Training Certification & Licensing

The certifications an organisation holds indicate the commitment to standards and requirements, as well as the dedication in maintaining levels of excellence and professionalism. Certifications also ensure organisational accountability.

Compliance related certification ISO 9000 & ISO 27000

How do you manage quality- and compliance-related certifications, such as ISO 9000, ISO 27000?

Complete blended certification solution

Does your organisation have a complete blended certification solution that includes industry standard and professional credentials?

NetDimensions Learning

Certification Management

NetDimensions learning management solutions provide organisations with online certification software and a comprehensive certification management system to address online licensing and workforce readiness more effectively.

Features include maintaining a certification list, keeping track of which individuals are certified, identifying individuals whose certifications may need renewal and automatically sending reminders to those individuals and their managers who lack key certification prerequisites.

Our certification management solutions can facilitate the centralisation and distribution of critical procedural documentation and more importantly, track who has accessed the information.


  • Certification management for multiple certifications
  • Track online certification requirements, validity periods and schedules, external audits, and individual certifications
  • Communicate that the required online licensing training is needed and monitor all certification management activity
  • Distribute certification requirements and the program guide through multiple channels
  • Complete industry-standard accreditation
  • Test employee knowledge in a simulated, certification-testing environment for workforce readiness
  • Allow individuals the convenience of obtaining online certification and online licensing
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