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Managing Talent in a Hostile Learning Environment

Do you manage training in a "hostile learning environment"?

Senior line management and HR executives align development to achieve business outcomes such as improved customer satisfaction. At the same time, trends such as globalization, workforce mobility, and increased use of contingent labor are increasing the requirements for structured development, and increasing the complexity of the enterprise environment.

As a result many HR executives find themselves in what we call a hostile learning environment, where learner requirements are challenging, delivery is complicated, regulations are tight, and competition for talent is fierce.

View this webcast and explore the challenges of managing talent and learning in the changing and dynamic landscape of 2014, as well as discover success stories about global organizations from high consequence industries that take advantage of integrated learning and talent management strategies to stay competitive in hostile learning environments.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why talent stovepipes need to be torn down,
  • How performance and learning are stronger together than when standalone,
  • How talent management can help you identify and overcome risks,
  • Ways to manage talent with a geographically dispersed workforce,
  • Why you should identify your organization's talent culture and maturity.

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