“We chose NetDimensions for their flexibility. The software is easy to customize, to upgrade, and to integrate with other systems.”

- Graham Higgins, Manager of Cathay Pacific's Learning & Development Group

Cathay Pacific Takes off with NetDimensions Learning

Cathay Pacific takes off with NetDimensions in their 'Learners World.'

Cathay Pacific is an international airline servicing over 170 destinations in 42 countries and carrying over 15 million passengers each year. Cathay Pacific employs 20,761 staff worldwide and ranks as the world's 2nd most profitable airline.

The company is known for its leadership in the adoption of new technologies. Cathay Pacific saw that a key element in growing the company into Asia’s leading airline was the development of a company-wide e-learning environment.

With NetDimensions Learning, Cathay Pacific created an e-learning environment called Learners World. Using NetDimensions Learning has also reduced the cabin crew orientation program by a full week, resulting in direct and indirect savings. Download this case study to learn more.

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